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The first important task for everyone who wants to spend the most unforgettable vacation of his life is to decide which tour operator will serve you. Greece is an amazing country filled with all sorts of ancient monuments, beaches of unimaginable beauty, mountain ranges full of secrets and mysteries.

Only a reliable travel operator that has been working in this direction for a long time can organize leisure worthy of crowned persons. Greece will open in all its glory only with a travel company whose employees are highly qualified in the field of leisure organization.

Greek tour operator “NOMOS TRAVEL” (license No. 0206E60000329801) exists in the tourism services market as a company with a multifaceted profile. Working since 2011, we keep the high level in serving our customers.

Our guideline is the search for a personal approach, offering a wide range of programs, the selection of which depends on the financial capabilities and wishes of everyone who contacts us, while not going beyond confidentiality. There are no borders for our employees – they can work anywhere in Greece.

Everything you need in one place

Regardless of the purpose of your visit to Greece, our company “NOMOS TRAVEL” will provide a full range of travel services, namely:


  • Will help to buy any property.
  • Will give a transfer to any part of Greece. This service has become very popular among vacationers. Its advantages are so obvious that travelers try to protect themselves from unnecessary problems associated with independent movement. Our employees will become your guides, reliable assistants, as soon as you set foot on the territory of the airport. Everything – from a cordial meeting to movement – is only of the highest level!
  • Submission of a VIP transfer with security. Our own fleet of luxury vehicles, equipped with the latest technology, corresponding to a high level of safety.
  • The tour operator in Greece “NOMOS TRAVEL” knows how to make your stay at airports comfortable. Do you want to feel special, do not accept a long wait for registration, appreciate every minute? Then we will arrange VIP service.
  • Lovers of solitude, couples, newlyweds can be calm – we will be able to find housing that will become a second home during the holidays (villas, hotels).
  • Love sea travel – we will select a yacht especially for you.
  • By renting a plane or helicopter, travelers will be able to see the beauty of the Greek lands from the height of a bird’s eye view. And you will see for yourself how beautiful Greece is!

Have a nice rest

The tour operator in Greece “NOMOS TRAVEL” always takes into account the opinion of its customers, developing individual, group, car routes for them. On the territory of the country there are a huge number of natural sources, visiting which can improve human health. We provide a wide range of wellness activities, SPA programs and medical tourism.

Golf tours, weekend excursions, among the latest the most popular are helicopter flights, visiting the islands, voyages to the best restaurants in Greece and nightclubs, attending concerts – a great way to add variety to your life.

As magicians we will help you to spend the most unforgettable day in your life – a wedding. Experienced specialists will take care of all organizational issues, allowing the bride and groom to enjoy the trip.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our representative:

Phones: +30 210 72 44 997, +30 210 72 44 551.

Email address: info@nomos-travel.gr.

Visiting our official website will help you get to know Greece better.

Contact us, we will be happy to help everyone!