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Real estate in Greece enjoys unprecedented popularity, both for the purpose of buying and renting. Nomos Travel has been operating in the Greek real estate market for many years, we are aware of the most popular and profitable offers and are ready to share information with you.


Everyone who is interested in European real estate, Greece today is very attractive. At the legislative level, there are no restrictions for foreign citizens on the purchase, sale and long-term lease of property, the procedure itself does not provide for the collection of a large package of documents, and restrictions on territorial affiliation apply only to border areas. If you are interested in real estate in Greece by the sea or, for example, on the island of Corfu, there will be no difficulties.

Purpose and area also do not matter – a foreigner can purchase residential or commercial real estate in Greece, prices are formed in the same way as for citizens of the country.

It is important to understand that even if you live for several days, weeks, months, owning real estate in Greece, you must pay taxes, do not forget about utility bills. Neglect or late payment leads to high fines.

You get visa benefits when buying real estate, Greece becomes closer and more accessible, especially if the investment exceeds the amount of 250,000 euros – the buyer gets the opportunity to apply for a residence permit and obtain a resident visa.

The value of real estate in Greece consists of two numbers – estimated and market. Most of the specialist services are valued as a percentage of the appraised value, which today is much higher than the market value.

Investment benefits

Buying property in Greece is a profitable investment. Tourism is actively developing in the country, owning a residential facility, you can earn passive income by offering housing for long or short-term rent.

There are many good options – villas, houses, apartments, apartments on the mainland and islands. For example, renting real estate in Greece can bring from 50 to several thousand euros per day. Depends on the location, area, type of housing.

You can also engage in farming – this branch of the Greek economy is profitable, becoming the owner of a land plot, you can grow olive, citrus trees, vines or raise livestock.

The key to success is a good realtor

To buy property in Greece, you need to know the intricacies of the mentality, market features, the nuances of legislation, as well as the language. Independent study of the issue requires effort, time and does not guarantee a successful result, where it is more efficient to seek help from specialists.

An experienced realtor who is familiar with all the nuances will help you choose a property in Greece. He will choose a suitable object for you that meets all the requirements:

  • Location (mainland, island, coast);
  • Price;
  • Purpose (residential, commercial);
  • The area of ​​the house / plot;

In addition, the realtor will provide qualified advice on issues of interest, organize a visit to the object, a conversation with the owner.

Nomos Travel is a reliable assistant in the real estate market.

The team of specialists of our company deals with a wide range of issues – rent, purchase, sale of real estate. In Greece, we organize tours for people interested in acquiring real estate, we also provide tax advice, we manage the property of foreign citizens.

Realtors, lawyers, notaries, translators – our team will be happy to tell you how much real estate in Greece costs, in one part or another of it, what to look for when choosing how to invest money profitably, what nuances to discuss with the owner, how to draw up a contract.

Do not waste time searching for the query: “Greece real estate buy price”, immediately contact Nomos Travel specialists. You can do this in a way convenient for you: by phone, e-mail, via Skype – all information on the site, in the “Contacts” section.