Real estate tour to Greece

Real estate tour to Greece

Greek real estate is a “tidbit”. Here, in the center of prehistoric culture, legends and myths, as well as ample opportunities for recreation, many people want to own real estate. This opens up good investment prospects, and also allows you to arrange a Greek vacation whenever your heart desires.

Buying property by foreigners
Promotes the development of foreign investment in Greek real estate, the absence of restrictions on the purchase. The package of documents for processing the transaction is small, the main thing is to enlist the help and support of an experienced, reliable lawyer who will tell you about the intricacies of Greek law and will be able to protect your interests while discussing the details with the owner or his representative.

If we talk about mainland Greece and the island of Cyprus, there are some nuances when considering plots and houses in the border area – permission from the authorities and consideration of additional documents may be required.

Unusual tourism
Greece is a country of the best olive oil, fragrant citrus fruits, natural beauties and historical sights. Tourism is flourishing here – business trips, tasting, culinary, beach, package tours.

Many, coming for a short visit for work, then return to rest, and once having enjoyed a Greek vacation, one really wants to return here. Someone comes every year to discover new corners, others do not change traditions, preferring to stay in the same place, enjoying the infrastructure, natural beauties and other delights of a holiday in Greece.

Another type of tourism is developed here – trips for the purpose of choosing and buying real estate. There are many varieties and directions, the purpose of such a trip is to get acquainted with the properties selected in the catalog, personally talk with specialists, meet with the owner, make a deal.

Allocate tours:

  • Individual – the trip is organized especially for you, the program includes the objects you are interested in, it also provides support by a real estate specialist.
  • Group tours – people interested in Greek real estate go on a tour for the purpose of general acquaintance. The program includes the locations chosen by the agency and offered for study.
  • Without obligations – the tour is introductory, does not carry restrictions and obligations, is paid in full.
  • With commitments – the cost of a trip for several days can cost as little as 1 €, if you commit to purchase a property for a certain amount (for example, from 30,000 €). The conditions may vary, but the main thing is the fulfillment of obligations by the client, in case the transaction on the presented conditions does not take place.

Buying property with Nomos Travel
We have been working in the Greek real estate market for many years, we are well versed in the legislative and regulatory framework, we constantly monitor market offers and are always ready to help our clients by providing qualified advice or professional assistance.

In addition to the issues of choice, as well as registration of real estate, we are ready to provide advice on investment prospects – you can receive a considerable passive income if you properly organize real estate management in Greece.

Whatever issues related to the purchase, selection, design, management and rental of real estate in Greece you have, we will be happy to help with their solution. Contact us in a way convenient for you – all information for communication is presented in the “Contacts” section.