Cruise from Crete to Santorini

Cruise from Crete to Santorini

Each of the islands of Greece is beautiful in its own way, each has something to show to the arriving tourists. But it is Crete that is one of the most central tourist islands in Greece. Streams of travelers come here from different parts of the world to not only enjoy the beautiful nature and shades of the blue of the sea, they also come here to attend a variety of excursions that help to get to know this wonderful country better.

Greece is a rich ancient history, many myths and legends that are shrouded in a mysterious and mystical veil. But you can learn and see all this in more detail only by visiting various excursions organized by our company. We strive to ensure that our travelers have a large and varied selection of tours and excursions. So that everyone can find something to their liking.

Myths and legends of Greece

One of the most striking and unforgettable excursions is a mini-cruise to the no less beautiful Greek island of Santorini. On board a cozy ship, we will go to surf the sea. The sea adventure itself is already vivid emotions. You will be able to enjoy the stay on the ship, the light sea breeze and the underwater world of Greece, which is visible through the crystal clear waters.

But what awaits you ahead is the pearl of the excursion. After all, you will arrive on one of the most stunning islands in Greece. In the middle of the 2nd millennium, it was on the territory of this island that the great Minoan civilization perished, during the period of time when the volcano erupted. Today, the volcano is just as alive, you can get close enough to it that you can feel its breath.

The energy and atmosphere here is simply indescribable. After all, not only Jacques Cousteau, but also other scientists believe that it was on this island that the remains of the disappeared Atlantis were located.

Here myths and legends come to life, here you are enveloped by the frantic dynamics of this island, and only here you will get such fresh and vivid emotions that you will remember this amazing adventure for a long time to come.

What could be more beautiful than new knowledge, the opportunity to get to know the great history better? In addition, those wishing to get to know Greece in more detail will have the opportunity to make an application on board the ship to visit many different excursions around the island. You can go on small, funny donkeys or take a funicular to the city, where you can walk along the picturesque streets, visit restaurants or souvenir shops.

Beach lovers will have at their disposal a stunning coastline with red or black volcanic sand – you will not see such beautiful and heavenly beaches anywhere else. And the panoramas that open from the top of the island to the blue expanses of the sea are magical. This is one of the most wonderful and vibrant excursions, which will end with a wonderful dinner on the ship, accompanied by a musical program.