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Hotels in Greece annually meet hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world who come to the country to relax, get acquainted with the sights, many religious objects of Christianity and antiquity. Many people visit the country as part of business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. Whatever the purpose of the visit, it is important to take care of a comfortable stay.

Where to stay

The beauty of nature in Greece is fascinating, in every corner there are unusual locations worthy of attention, therefore, when going on vacation, you should first read about the places you want to visit and choose suitable hotels nearby. Greece is also known for its wines and original cuisine. Interested in gastronomic tourism – you should pay attention to the southern part, as well as the Peloponnese peninsula.

Prefer a beach holiday? Greece, hotel, first line, sunny beach and warm sea water – this option is better to choose in resort areas, on the coast or on an island. For a business visit, a hotel in the business center of a big city or the historical part is suitable.

Which hotels to choose in Greece for holidays? It all depends on the budget of the trip, goals and preferences. Tourists are provided with options of any category in the widest range. In addition, in Greece it is not difficult to rent housing – apartments, villas, apartments and houses.

Hotel selection

Don’t like package tours offered by agencies? You can independently choose hotels in Greece for recreation in accordance with plans, wishes, preferences. The first thing to consider are the categories of food service:

  • food included;
  • only breakfasts;
  • half board;
  • full board;
  • “all inclusive”.

Considering villas, apartments, houses and hotels in Greece, the latter are chosen mainly because of the quality of service, as well as budget. Living in a hotel does not need to think about cleaning, choosing “full board” or “all inclusive” you should not worry about finding places where you can have breakfast or have a nice dinner. Renting a villa and ordering concierge services will be much more expensive, unless you go on vacation with a large company.

Hotels in Greece “all inclusive” are chosen in order not to worry about anything at all, to completely forget about the troubles of the daily routine and enjoy a high level of service. This format is popular, but much more expensive than other options.

If you want to get to know the life, culture and traditions that Greece lives on, it is not necessary to choose 5-star hotels, you can stay on the half-board or breakfast-only option – this way you can get out of the hotel, visit authentic Greek taverns and enjoy local dishes. kitchens.

In addition to the category of food, it is important to evaluate the available budget, choose the territorial location, if it matters, additional options, such as hotels in Greece for families with children or hotels in Greece with a water park.

Help from Nomos Travel experts

Planning the first trip is the most difficult thing – it’s a step into the unknown, it’s scary to make a mistake. What do tourists associate Greece with? Leisure, all-inclusive hotels and antique sights. At first glance, everything is simple, but in an attempt to understand the variety of options, vacation planning turns into flour. Don’t like package tours? This is not a reason to refuse the help of travel agencies and companies.

Nomos Travel specialists will offer the best hotels in Greece in the desired price category and purpose of the visit, they will also talk about leisure options, show a colorful portfolio of options throughout the country.

Do not waste time doing an independent search on the topic “Greece hotels prices”, trust the professionals in planning and preparing an individual vacation – Nomos Travel. We will be happy to help you, please contact us in a convenient way for you – all information is indicated on the “Contacts” page.