Transfer in Greece

Territory of Greece

The first thing to do before going on vacation to another country is to take care of the vehicle. One of the best options would be a transfer. Greece has a fairly large territory (over 131,957 sq. km.). By ordering a transfer in Greece, travelers will move confidently through any of its areas, which can run through fast highways, country roads or mountain serpentine.

Transfer in Greece from our company Nomos Travel has a number of main directions:

Direction Approximate area, km.sq.
Athens 412
Peloponnese 21549
Santorini 76,194
Mykonos 85,5
Crete 8261,18
Halkidiki 2918

Transfer services in Greece are in great demand among those guests who pay special attention to comfort and safety. You should order a transfer in Greece in advance, having discussed all the important details with a Nomos Travel representative, for example:

What car should be submitted to the customer (car, minibus).
Travelers are invited to choose their own brand of car (Range Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche Cayenne).
Escort by motorcycle escort.
Provision of VIP service, etc.

A car park equipped with modern equipment, with tinted windows, air conditioning, leather interiors, satellite TV, and a navigation system is a transfer.

Athens is the first major city where tourists go after the plane lands. Transfer in Athens is a great opportunity after a long flight to make a car tour of the city, which will be of an overview nature. If necessary, guests will be provided with reliable security.

Exclusive Airport Services

Name Brief description
VIP-lounge Guests are accommodated in a room with a high level of comfort, where there is everything necessary to make the waiting pleasant. Our staff will help you go through customs, passport control, check-in, check in luggage, escort you to the gangway of the plane. Businessmen can use the conference room. There is a bar, a restaurant, always fresh press, internet, TV. All these advantages are provided when ordering a transfer service in Greece. The airport will temporarily turn into a comfortable hotel room.
Fast-track A country where crowds of travelers arrive every day is Greece. Transfer from the airport is not limited to moving by car. By ordering the Fast-track service, guests will quickly go through customs and passport control on the territory of the common hall, but without waiting in line. The escort is an airport employee.
Meet&Assist The escort will help with registration, passport and customs control, which takes place in the common hall. On request, she will assist in placing in the high-comfort hall, order a taxi, and resolve emerging issues.


Order a transfer in Greece is easy. Contact an employee of our company who will tell you all the conditions in more detail. Choose the type of communication that suits you:

Having received pleasant fatigue from an adventure-filled vacation, a positive boost of energy, be sure that Greece will definitely be the country you want to return to. Transfer to the airport will take the guest to the destination in order to pick it up again after a while!