Wine tours in Greece

Wine tours in Greece

What is Greek land hiding?

Our company Nomos Travel, which has been operating since 2011 in the field of tourist services, annually develops only the best tourist routes for its clients, among which there are unforgettable wine tours. Greece is famous for the beauty of its area, pristine beaches, ancient monuments.

In ancient times, when the Gods descended from heaven to earth, they were looking for places where they could taste rich wines. Near Nafplio, the Greek city, one of the important regions, the pearl of the Greek wine industry – Nemea is located. For the preparation of red wines, Agiorgitiko is specially grown on its territory, which means St. George.

The use of this variety gives the wine a deep red color, a complex aroma, a long, velvety taste.

A visit to Agrolida will be a discovery for travelers. Here, between amazing natural landscapes adorned with fields, mountain ranges, lush forests, are some of the most sophisticated wineries. The region itself is famous for its historical past, ancient architectural monuments. The most famous is Ancient Epidaurus.

Local traditions

Wine tasting in Greece often takes place on the territory of factories producing a wonderful grape drink that intoxicates your head. It took a whole 25 years to transform the wine sector, in which a lot of investments were made: units that meet modern requirements were purchased, new grape varieties were planted.
Today, talented Greek winemakers are able to create wines that can compete with well-known world brands. Visitors to the winelands will be surrounded by care, a warm welcome, guided tours of vineyards and wineries. Arriving here, guests will plunge into the atmosphere of local color, absorb the culture of wines, strolling through the territory of magnificent estates.

Gourmets will appreciate this

The company “NOMOS TRAVEL” offers to go on an amazing adventure in the southern part of Greece, places located near Athens – Peloponnese and Attica. Wine tours in Greece will be organized by our professional staff, who will lead travelers into the world of unique Greek wines.

You will visit various wineries, varying in size but producing some of the finest European wines. Some of them, as in ancient times, belong to certain families who pass on the secrets of making wine from generation to generation. The younger generation of winemakers, honoring the traditions of the past, are trying to create new, interesting products.

Here you will see a unique combination of old recipes with the latest products of wine production.

Our offers

Small groups of tourists will travel by bus (mini-bus) through the vineyards with an accompanying guide or driver. The tour is designed to visit local vineyards, ancient archaeological sites. After the tour, you will have a complete picture of the places you have visited.

Tour selection

Wine tours in Greece from “NOMOS TRAVEL” are designed for 1 day:

  • Wine tasting in Attica, at Cape Sounion.
  • A licensed guide will lead an unforgettable wine tour in Attica.
  • The Peloponnese Island will open all its wine lists to guests. The guide will tell a lot of amazing stories.

All detailed information can be found on the official website of the company. By dialing one of the phone numbers: +30 210 72 44 997 or +30 210 72 44 551, after the necessary consultation, you can make an order for visiting any wine tour.

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