W Costa Navarino 5*

A place where Energy is Liberated

Where the hills of the Peloponnese meet the Ionian Sea, you can discover a prime sustainable destination called Costa Navarino. The beauty of the pristine natural landscape, entwined with centuries of history and culture, is mixed with energy generated from diversity to bring the first W in Greece to the Navarino Waterfront 13-hectare beachfront site, the newest integrated area of Costa Navarino.
W Costa Navarino redefines the hospitality experience; a truly inclusive space where everyone is welcome, and all needs are catered for. With an eye for the unconventional and a flair for the unexpected, the new Escape is a place for free-spirited, young-at-heart, social and thought-provoking individuals who celebrate unique traits and choices.
From the moment guests arrive, they will be greeted by views directly to the sea and a sense of immersion in nature. The entire property is designed as a Greek coastal village—but imbued with W’s modern soul. Reflecting Costa Navarino’s dedication to sustainably promoting the local culture and heritage, each structure complements the natural beachfront setting, while the overall aesthetic design is inspired by Greek handicrafts filtered through a prism of fresh and modern beach living. There is also an emphasis on the authenticity of construction materials, including local stone and timber from the Mani region.
Contemporary art, with its surprising and often challenging views of the ordinary, is both revealing and refreshing. At W Costa Navarino, art is not simply decoration but a means to explore, escape, engage with, and contemplate. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration between W Costa Navarino, Athens Biennale, a team of young artists from Athens School of Fine Arts LAB12, and selected invited artists, a series of workshops will be held in situ. During these playfully experimental workshops, artworks will be installed, and surprise events will gradually unfold through imaginatively curated time and space interventions.
The beating heart of W Costa Navarino is the Beach Club. A place with unmistakably Greek DNA, where local and international DJs amp up the vibes that create a natural transition from casual beach life to high-intensity, late-night dance events. The bar serves signature cocktails crafted with local herbs and natural ingredients, while the restaurant offers Greek-inspired dishes prepared with regional produce that captures the epitome of Mediterranean cuisine. At sunset, the Beach Club transforms into a place for reflection—and anticipation of the night ahead—with pop-up happenings by the pier. In a word, this fusion of music, food, beach lifestyle and social opportunity creates a high-energy atmosphere that simply must be lived.
Another highlight is the Navarino Sea Watersports center, offering a range of exciting aquatic activities. These include a diving experience during which participants can take an active part in sustainability research or initiatives to remove plastic waste from the sea. And there is plenty more fun to be had with snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, tubing and banana boating. Watersports center will also host an all-natural restaurant serving freshly made dishes prepared with local and organically grown ingredients.
To further fuel body and mind, there is also the AWAY® Spa proposing a variety of body and face treatments and the FIT gym with a heated 25m-long lap pool.
The accommodation options in W Costa Navarino range from Fabulous Bay and Infinity swim-up rooms, with a pool shared with friends or family in adjoining rooms, to superb 1 or 2-bedroom WOW suites with own pools, and 2 or 3-bedroom WOW or Extreme WOW villas with expanded private pools – ideal for larger groups. This room mix speaks to the new reality of luxury travel, as travellers seek different ways to experience destinations through offerings that help forge real connections and motivate them to stay that little bit longer.
Each guest also has access to Costa Navarino’s 23 dining venues, plus a wealth of outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, biking, tennis, and golf. Then there’s Navarino Agora, located right next to the Escape, featuring a sensory blend of shops, street food, outdoor cinema, open-air markets, and festivals. Culinary experiences are also available, from authentic village cooking classes and farm to table lunches to olive oil and wine tastings.
Just a 40-minute drive from Kalamata International Airport (KLX) and 276 km from Athens International Airport (ATH), W Costa Navarino is easily accessible but still remote enough for guests to feel they have escaped to a luxury haven.
Welcome to W Costa Navarino, where energy is liberated.

Fabulous Bay Guest room   Sea or Garden View 40.2 sq.m.
WOW Beachfront Infinity 1 Bedroom Suite 70 sq.m.

WOW Infinity, 3 Bedroom Villa 127 sq.m.

EXTREME WOW Beachfront infinity premium 3 Bedroom Villa 153 sq.m.

246 Rooms suites & villas

56 Fabulous Infinity swim up Rooms (40m2) with shared pool and Garden view

128 Fabulous Bay & Spectacular Panorama Rooms with sea view (40m2)

18 WOW Beachfront infinity Suites (70/100m2) with 1 or 2 bedrooms, private pool & sea view

18 WOW Beachfront & Bayfront roof top infinity Suites (70/100m2) with 1 or 2 bedrooms, private roof-top pool and sea view

10 WOW Infinity 3-bedroom Villas (128m2) with private pool and garden view

14 WOW Beachfront Infinity 3-bedroom Villas (128m2) with private pool and panorama sea view

2 Extreme WOW Infinity Beachfront 2 and 3-bedroom Villas (153m2) with private pool and panorama sea view


5 Dining Venues

-The vibrant destination Beach Club extended from the sandy beach to the WET deck

-The unique “Culinary Square” with grab n’ go offerings for breakfast across The Coffee shop, The Bakery, The Deli, and The Cookery.

Green Pepper restaurant by the sea at Watersports hub

Between Bar for early drinks paired with magnetic views

W Lounge with fascinating bay views over the Escape.

Inventive yet authentic cuisine with the freshest locally sourced ingredients and a highly social ambience.