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Tour “Classic Greece”

Historical trip to Greece
Antique classic

The territory of the Hellenic Republic (approximately 131,957 sq. km.) has a huge number of monuments of ancient architecture. When planning to relax, travelers try to choose a tour that will reveal the history of the country to the maximum.

When contacting Nomos Travel, be sure that we have chosen a route that will tell you about all the most significant sights that the locals are proud of. A visit to each city will help to learn the culture, customs, rules of the country. From the magnificence of the picturesque area, sea views, clean air, you will feel dizzy, it will seem that you have entered the territory of paradise.

Brief description of the route
Arrival in Athens – Day 1

Representatives of Nomos Travel will be waiting for tourists with an information sign at the airport. After guests will be transferred to their accommodation – the hotel located in the central part of Athens.

Athens Tour – Day 2

After breakfast, travelers will go on a sightseeing tour of the city. Athens is the oldest city in the whole world, where unique sights are located. You will visit:

1. The official residence of the president, which until 1974 was the representation of the king. Consider the National Guardsmen dressed in traditional uniforms.
2. Visit the Olympic Stadium – the place from which the Olympic Games originate.
3. See the amazing Temple of Zeus.
4. Arrive at the place where the University of Athens, the Academy, the National Library are located.

The tour will end with a walk along the ancient Acropolis – the pearl of Greece.

Cruise times – Day 3

What could be more beautiful than a cruise trip accompanied by an individual guide? You will visit 3 islands of the Saronic Gulf:


Travelers will be treated to a delicious lunch. From entertainment – folklore program.

Excursion to the city of Delphi – Day 4

After a morning meal, organized by a group, tourists will go to Delphi, a city located on the famous Mount Parnassus. You will be captivated by stories about the ruins of sanctuaries, the “navel of the earth”, the stadium, the Castal spring with a rejuvenating effect, the archaeological museum. Having stopped for the night in Kalambaka, in the morning the group will go to punish Meteora.

Monastic City – Day 5

This day will be an acquaintance with Meteora, where many monasteries are located on the tops of sheer cliffs. Everyone can feel for themselves all the “charms” of the life of hermits. On this day, it is planned to visit 2 active monasteries. At the end of the tour – accommodation of travelers in the hotel of the Athenian Riviera.

Attica – Day 6

A short half-day excursion by car, which will pass along the coast of Attica.

Journey to Argolis – Day 7

On the eve of the end of the excursion tour, vacationers will visit the amazing region – Argolis. Remember here:

1. The grandiose construction of the Corinth Canal, erected at the end of the 19th century, which connected two seas – the Ionian and the Aegean.
2. The ancient city of Epidaurus, where the clinic of Aesculapius (healer god), famous temples (Artemis, Asclepius), the structure of an ancient theater and stadium were built.

Returning to Mycenae – get acquainted with Nafplio, after – arrival at the hotel.

Way back – day 8

After breakfast, travelers leave the hotel apartments and go by transfer to the airport.

Relax with pleasure!


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