Fishing in the Cyclades, Greece

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Fishing in the Cyclades, Greece

Anglers paradise – Cyclades

Are you an avid angler, an ardent admirer of an active lifestyle or a lover of sea adventures? Then a sea tour of the Cyclades is what you are missing. Bypassing an area of ​​approximately 2600 sq. km by sea, viewing mountain landscapes, villages built in white tones, soaking up amazing beaches surrounded by unearthly landscapes will be a memorable adventure.

In translation, their name sounds like “lying around.” Over 200 islands of different sizes, which form elongated garlands, near Delos.

Our company Nomos Travel has developed an itinerary filled with amazing events around the Cyclades.

Tour Description
Day 1 – Meeting – Lavrio

Our representatives will organize a warm meeting for a group of travelers who have arrived at the airport, located on the territory of the Greek capital – Athens. After the tourists, a transfer trip to Lavrio, a port city, awaits. The characteristics of the cars will depend on the number of visitors, but they are all executive class.

Accompanying our company Nomos Travel will take care of your accommodation on the ship (yacht, boat), introduce you to the captain. After a little rest after the trip, we will go to buy provisions, fishing tackle. All without exception (even experienced anglers) will be instructed, which concerns sea fishing. The end of a busy day is dinner.

2nd day – Makronissos – Kea

After a hearty breakfast, the organized group will start discussing fishing. Having clarified all the exciting questions, the captain, following the planned course, will make the transition to the island of Makronissos. It is here, in the fishing bay, that tourists will cast their line for the first time.

The day will be busy with what you love, in the evening you will have to hit the road again. Discussing the beginning of the route, travelers will not notice how they will find themselves at the parking lot of the port of Kea, going ashore, you will again cast fishing rods.

3rd day – Kythnos

After breakfast, the tourists will sail to the island of Kythnos. This day will be dedicated to the healing of the soul and body – a visit to the town of Loutraki, where the entire territory is shrouded in unique life-giving springs. After spending one day here, you will think about spending your next vacation in this place.

4th day – Serifos

After tasting delicious Greek dishes in the morning, you will be on your way again. Have a good rest during the day, enjoy the sea views and the beauty of the surrounding islands – in the evening there will be no time for sleep. On the island of Serifos, anglers, having taken a flashlight, will try to catch squid, octopus, and practice plumb fishing.

5th day – Kythnos

The beginning of the day is a traditional breakfast without leaving the ship. When you reach the bay of Kolona, ​​located on the island of Kythnos, you can enjoy a day of fishing, someone just relax in the sun. In the evening, dropping the anchor, vacationers will go down to the shore. Tune in to romance, return to childhood – the flame of an evening fire, tasting delicious fish soup and baked fish.

6th day – Lavrio

After breakfast, the ship will head towards Sounion Bay. The passage to the port of Lavrio will be considered the end of an unforgettable trip. In the evening, at dinner, in a cheerful company, you will sum up and solemnly close the thematic event.

Day 7 – Return – Athens

Enjoy breakfast prepared by the ship’s cook. After that, Nomos Travel escorts will take care of your arrival at the airport.


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