Diving: discover Greece underwater

Diving: discover Greece underwater

Active underwater holidays
Benefits of an active holiday in Greece

If you want to provide yourself with a charge of positive emotions for the whole year – choose an active holiday. Once you’ve explored the local sights, make time for an underwater adventure.

The Greek territory (almost 132 sq. km.) hides many historical, mystical, mysterious architectural monuments, about which legends were made. It seems that you have seen everything by visiting them. Many travelers were convinced that a huge number of them are hidden under the thickness of the deep sea.

It is not known what the exploration of the underwater worlds is comparable to. Having plunged under water for the first time, vacationers will experience an indescribable feeling. At the same time, overcoming the laws of gravity, easy underwater sliding, you will find yourself in the secret world of the sea abyss.

Today, diving (snorkeling) is becoming very popular among tourists from all over the world, once, in ancient times, it was an integral part of the life of local residents.

Why Greece

Today, the variety of tourist destinations in Greece is able to satisfy the most intricate requests of even the most sophisticated traveler. Nomos Travel will offer its guests only the highest level of service, on all the Greek islands and cliffs, the number of which is about 3000.

Amazing facts in numbers:

  • The Greek coastline has a length of 13,676 km.
  • Shipwrecks were found here, the number of which is about 6000.
  • The underwater world has become home to 8,500 species of marine life.
  • Underwater plants (their species) over 1,500.
  • Safe diving

The huge popularity of diving is pushing for the opening of schools and centers. To date, around 206 licensed educational institutions have been opened throughout Greece, in which highly qualified specialists work. Here they use only proven, high-quality equipment that allows diving to various depths.

Together with an instructor, everyone will be able to dive from 10 to 30 m, the duration of which will be from 40 to 50 minutes. Having identified individual interests and requirements from a sea trip, a dive can be offered that takes into account the agreed requirements.


Nomos Travel organizes diving trips for all tastes, for example:

  • Going down under the water, tourists can study the life of marine animals at a depth.
  • Diving between stone reefs and rocks can add acuity to the sensations.
  • Love rocks – order underwater speleology.
  • If you are fond of history, and on excursions you constantly ask questions to the guide – feel free to dive to study shipwrecks. You will have something to ask the guide.
  • Game of contrasts – day or night diving? The choice is yours, etc.

All of the above has become commonplace for you, find out what is attractive about wall, mixed, technical diving from representatives of our company Nomos Travel.


The sea of ​​Greece will be unique for those who are going to find out what the underwater world hides. There are many reasons for this:

  • Excellent visibility underwater due to low density of plankton.
  • The purest water.
  • Diversity of flora and fauna of the sea.
  • Excellent conditions for great underwater photography.
  • The right temperature for everyone.
  • The splendor of underwater beauties, etc.