Municipal balneological hospital in Loutraki

Municipal balneological hospital in Loutraki

City of Loutraki

If you want to feel like Greek gods, heal, relax, rest – go to Loutraki. Order a transfer – from Athens you will need to drive about 70 kilometers to this amazing place. The suburban area is incredibly beautiful. Here, mountain landscapes, the extraordinary beauty of the Gulf of Corinth and the picturesque vegetation of nearby forests are combined in an amazing way.

Loutraki, with its ideal climate, can be visited 365 days a year. In addition to its world-famous healing springs, which stretch over 700 meters along the coastline, everyone will find entertainment for themselves here. After visiting the resort, whose springs can work wonders, take a stroll along the city promenade, dotted with taverns, bars and discos.

Hospital visit indications

Having come here once, you will want to come back again. A huge number of resort guests come here in order to:

  • Improve the work of the digestive tract.
  • Improve the functioning of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys.
  • Restore the incorrect functioning of the metabolism in diabetes mellitus.
  • With preventive purposes for hypertension, atherosclerosis.
  • Slow down or cure diseases such as arthritis, spinal diseases, rheumatism, and others.

Amazing hot spring

The entire territory of the city, like a web, is shrouded in natural mineral springs, breaking through from natural wells, which are located at a depth of about 3000 meters. They are naturally purified, passing through the thickness of massive rocks, enriched with unique elements (minerals, metals), which makes water so valuable for the human body.

The territory of a modern municipal balneological clinic is a huge SPA center, the doors of which are open all year round, offering guests luxury treatments:

  • 3 pools filled with mineral waters.
  • The presence of a sauna, hammam, healing shower, gym.
  • Everyone can use the services of a beauty salon or an individual office where medical procedures are carried out.
  • In between sessions, you can pass the time on the territory of bars or restaurants, etc.

The complex is equipped with modern equipment, and highly qualified specialists will help when visiting the necessary procedures. You will be in safe hands!

Suggested Therapies

Mud therapy: Covering the necessary areas of the body with Dead Sea mud, which is pre-mixed with mineral water. The mixture is applied directly to the skin (temperature 36 – 37 0C). The duration of the session is no more than 20 minutes.
Charcot shower: Standing, your body is poured with water under high pressure. This procedure helps to increase metabolism, increase blood circulation. Mineral water enhances the effect of the procedure.
Aromatherapy: Full body massage using essential oils. After the procedure, not only the condition of the skin improves, but also its rejuvenation occurs.
Therapeutic shower: A water procedure in which visitors take a horizontal position (lying on their back, side or stomach). Trace elements of mineral water are able to improve blood circulation, stimulate the protective properties of the whole organism, protect against atherosclerosis, eliminate pain in various neurological diseases, etc.
Sea Therapy: Mixing herbal materials with mineral water. After the procedures, the condition of the skin improves – it is smoothed. Marine therapy has a good, relaxing effect, treats cellulite, removes toxins, reduces joint pain.

Near the hospital there are hotel complexes of various levels. Guests can stay in a 3-star hotel or choose a deluxe apartment.