Peloponnese. Excursion to the fortress and to the beach of Voidokilia

Peloponnese is one of the most visited Greek islands. And this is not surprising, because there is absolutely everything that a tourist’s soul can wish for – amazing color, ancient villages, magnificent nature and friendly locals who gladly welcome travelers.

If you are planning a vacation on this beautiful island soon, then you should get to know it better. And various excursions will help you with this. Our company provides tourists with a wide variety of excursions and tours so that you can get to know the culture, history and traditions of this amazing country in more detail and closer.

Excursion to the fortress + Voidokilia (swim on the beach)

This tour will be incredibly interesting. It begins with the fact that you are picked up by a VIP car (of your choice) or a minivan for 8 people, and together we go to Nestor’s palace. It was he who was one of the wisest participants in the Trojan War. Here you can feel the ancient prehistoric atmosphere and learn many interesting facts about the Mycenaean civilization.

Local beliefs and legends say that Nestor was a brave and wise man. He was respected and loved, which is why rich figures and warriors of that time came to him for advice. Today, Nestor’s palace is the best preserved, compared to other attractions of that era. Today, not only for archaeologists and historians, the attraction is of great value.

Getting here, you will understand that there is simply a unique energy that cannot be described in words. After you have examined the palace, we will go to the south of the island, past the famous Navarino Bay. It was here that Nestor hid his ships, which he then sent to Troy.

Then we will go to the Messenian land to look at the ancient fortresses. One of them dates from the thirteenth century. In addition, you can look at the Bermuda Triangle of Greece!

After you take a good look around, learn a lot of interesting and new facts about the history and culture of Greece, we will go to a small fish restaurant, which is located in the Navarino Bay. An incredible panorama of the Messenian Islands opens from here. Such views take your breath away, so dining in the atmosphere of such natural paintings is doubly pleasant.

You can taste traditional Mediterranean seafood dishes and taste Greek wine. In addition, there are several excellent boutique museums here. Also from the port of Pylos you can go on an amazing island cruise where you can swim in the blue lagoons, soak up the beaches and dine after. The trip is planned for the whole day.

Do you want to get to know the Peloponnese and its amazing culture better? Then this tour is exactly what you need. And we will be happy to conduct it for you at the highest level!