Santorini Full Day Yacht Tour

Santorini is a wonderful island where more and more tourists arrive every year. But, regardless of the number of travelers, the island still remains cozy and romantic – and all this thanks to small white houses, beautiful nature and a special Greek atmosphere. It is all the details of the island that create a wonderful magical haze around it, not to mention the rich history and cultural heritage. Santorini is a truly unique island. After all, it is not for nothing that most scientists believe that it was on the island of Santorini that once there were traces of the lost Atlantis.

Getting here, it seems that you are in another world – fantastic and incredible. After all, it is here in the bowels of the earth that there is an unsolved mystery that has carried the secrets of great ancient civilizations for many thousands of years. The original and virgin beauty of the rocks, which formed bizarre outlines from solidified lava, beaches with multi-colored volcanic sand and emerald water that shimmers under the bright rays of the sun. There is nothing more beautiful than this island, having arrived here, you yourself will understand that it is impossible to describe its magnificence in words, perhaps only to feel its atmosphere for yourself.

Our company offers travelers a lot of different excursions so that they have the opportunity to get to know the traditions, history, culture and natural beauties of the island in as much detail as possible. One of these excursions is a sea voyage, during which you can surf the water surface and enjoy the light sea breeze.

Full day yacht tour around Santorini

This is a wonderful opportunity to look at the incredible beauty of the coastline and the majestic volcano. In addition, you will have the opportunity to look into the heavenly bays and look at the wonderful beaches that are inaccessible from the land side – you can only get to them by sea. The views of the colorful beaches of the island, which will open before you, made it famous all over the world. That is why most of Santorini’s beaches are in the top ten beaches on the entire planet.

In addition, it is an amazing and paradoxical fact that beautiful beaches have become thanks to a volcanic eruption and a terrible earthquake. When the eruption occurred, the ash from the volcano turned into brightly colored sand.

The color of the local sea cannot but attract the eye – in one place it is emerald green, in another it is pure blue, and in the third it is a shade of bright blue.

You will not get tired of admiring this wonderful island. Let yourself enjoy your holidays to the fullest, look at the island from the board of a comfortable yacht. During the tour, emotions will go off scale, and memories will remain with you for a long time.

The tour includes lunch or dinner – delicious dishes will be prepared for you and white wine will be served.

Even before the start of the tour, you will be asked to choose a motor, sailing yacht or catamaran to your taste.

Everything for your comfort and according to your wishes!