Domes Miramare A Luxury Collection Resort 5*

Domes Miramare A Luxury Collection Resort 5*

With its spectacular coast, picturesque Old Town and glorious sunshine, it is no surprise that Corfu has revived its legendary status. One of the largest thriving monuments in Europe; with evident Venetian, French, British and Greek heritage, Corfu is an amalgam of cultures, a bustling city with a cosmopolitan feel and an air of aristocracy.

Think royal palaces, cobble stone alleys and historic landmarks, nestled in an evergreen setting. Filled with open-air chic wine bars, and a host of terrace -garden gourmet restaurants with delectable Greek-Italian regional specialties, it is no wonder this UNESCO protected citadel has attracted an A-list crowd for decades.

It isn’t just the elevated accommodation, sweeping views and tranquillity that have jet setters coming back to Miramare; from the hotel itself to popular hotspots Canal d’ amour and Achillion Palace, short drives take visitors back in time through beautiful villages. Enjoy peaceful days on the beach or take a road trip up to “Kaiser’s Throne” at sunset, for panoramic 360 views of the entire Island.

The ultimate in aristocratic luxury on Corfu

If you are after a glamourous atmosphere, Miramare is a rare, preserved crown jewel from the era of aristocracy. Fine dining and opulent, eye catching décor come standard, bearing the touch of the talented Kristina Zanic. Inspired by Corfu’s rich heritage, the past coexists with modern luxuries to create something uniquely contemporary and over the top.

From the mildly hedonist pool, coveted art collection on display throughout, the glimmering light of hanging lanterns, the cantadors and live philharmonic orchestral performances over dinner, this masterpiece of mise en scene, is clearly made for those who wish to experience La dolce vita.

From the lobby dressed in white marble, statement furniture, floor to ceiling windows and a four-hundred-year-old olive tree in the center, follow a glittery mosaic tile path that leads past the Grand piano onto a seaside promenade of fine restaurants and art gallery that will make you want to dress the part.

Relive the excitement
Built as a trophy asset by the Onassis family in the late 60’s, Miramare has always been a meeting point of state leaders, royalty, and jetsetters from around the world, with the King of Greece throwing parties for his Royal visitors and famous British music idols resting in between tours.

The likes of Aristotle Onassis and Jackie O’, Maria Callas and President Eisenhower are but a few who once frequented the resort. Miramare continues to be a place of glorious sunshine and gentle pleasures for the modern glitterati and affluent social circles ever since, having exchanged hands between several prominent owners before being lavishly restored, in true aristocratic grandeur by the Spanos family. Relive the excitement of a carefree, exuberant time and unveil for yourself, the inspiration that celebrities once found on these magnificent grounds.

The Miramaretta speedboat
Lying in the sun can be incredibly rewarding but can also get monotonous for those who enjoy a more vibrant lifestyle. Why not head out on a boat excursion to explore everything the island has to offer… in style. Whether you feel like visiting Corfu’s Old Town or a nearby secluded emerald cove, our sleek Miramaretta is the ideal way to do it.

Don’t miss the chance to admire the dazzling coastline and historic homes, such as the regal Mon Repo, birthplace of Prince Philip and Achillion Palace of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, as jets take off and land overhead transporting likeminded explorers from around the globe. Arrive upon Corfus’ lively piazzas lined with happening bars and artisanal shops that ascend from the port in steep steps. Treat yourself to a magical experience, that truly fits the Ionian spirit!

True waterfront
If there is one thing adults-only Domes Miramare offers, it is the ultimate romantic setting. Dating back five centuries, this Venetian olive grove has stood here, peacefully overlooking the glittering, tranquil bay. Situated at a lusciously green foothill, the low-rise structures shelter the century-old olive trees along the shoreline and enjoy stunning views from every suite, offering unprecedented proximity to the still and silent water, that feels like you can almost touch it from your bedroom.

Across the bay, mainland Igoumenitsa and Pindos mountains reflect on to the lake-like cove, creating a multicolored spectacle throughout the day. Take a walk barefoot on the cooling lawn and arrive upon white – pearl marble steps that immerse you into the glassy Ionian sea, landscaped into a one of its kind natural swimming pool…