Athens by night

Night is always a time of magic and romance, especially if the night is devoted to a tour of such a fabulous city as Athens. This tour will give you the opportunity to get closer to the nightlife of Athens. The tour will begin with a visit to Singrou Avenue, passing through which you will get to Piraeus, located in a small bay of the Saronic Gulf.

Today, Piraeus is an amazing place with the architecture of an amazing old town. It is also a major trading maritime center of the entire Mediterranean. When you have enough walk and look around, we will go further.

Together we will climb the hill of Kastelo, from where you can enjoy magnificent panoramas of the sea. After we are waiting for a visit to the quarters of Piraeus – Pasalimani and Mikrolimano.

It is here that there is a huge number of Greek taverns, bars and restaurants where you can taste traditional Greek dishes. Also located here is the Institute of Navigation, numerous churches and a folk theater. Further along the national highway, we will go to the Olympic Stadium, where the ceremonies intended for the Olympic Games were held. Here you will have the opportunity to take photos – you will have free time for about 15 minutes. You can look around and enjoy the surrounding panorama.

The final stage of the tour will be the ascent to the fabulous hill of Philopapu, which is located right next to the Ancient Acropolis. From this hill you can enjoy a stunning view of the city of Athens. During the day, the view is amazing, and at night, all of Athens is enveloped in a haze of magic. The night lights of the city are truly a bewitching picture, and only for this alone it is worth coming here.

Believe that you will not get such emotions and impressions anywhere else. After the end of the tour, for an additional fee, you can continue the fun and visit the program of Greek entertainment – bouzouki. This is a modern entertainment for local residents, which includes visiting a restaurant with watching a concert program.

You will be able to taste local wine and national snacks, and artists will perform songs and dances for you on the stage. This is an amazing pastime that lasts until the morning, a good mood will be guaranteed to you. Such fun will be the perfect end to this excursion. In addition, such entertainment programs can only be found here.

You will get a lot of good mood, fun and unforgettable new emotions by visiting the excursion “Night Athens”. If you want to fully immerse yourself in an amazing vacation in Athens, then visiting one of these events is a must!

Do not put off until tomorrow an amazing adventure that will fill your vacation with bright colors, fresh and unforgettable emotions. And our company organizes the most interesting and exciting excursions that will appeal to all tourists!