Weekend in Athens

Athens is a glorious and charming city, travelers from all over the world dream of getting here. Of course, even a few weeks will not be enough to properly get acquainted with the culture, architectural heritage and history of Athens. But we tried to make for you a tour that is as rich as possible and allows you to get to know this amazing Greek capital as best as possible. For just a few days, you will have an adventure in one of the most ancient cities in the world, a good mood, a lot of new, interesting information and an indescribable Greek flavor.

First day. Arrival in Athens – Acropolis.

Upon arrival at the local airport, you will be met by our Nomos Travel staff, and we will go to the hotel in order to accommodate you. You will be able to unpack your things, relax and after lunch we will have a walk through the old part of Athens. You will be able to enjoy the historical architectural monuments that were erected during the periods: Ottoman, Roman and Classical.

You will see such architectural structures as: the Roman and ancient Agora, the Tower of Flowers, the magnificent Central Cathedral. After we stop at one of the most famous and ancient monuments of the city – the ancient Acropolis. Here you can enjoy its majestic temples and the spirit of old Athens, with the Parthenon surrounding you, the temple of the goddess Nike, the colonnade of the Propylaea.

Second day. Cruise on three islands: Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

The second day will be no less full of emotions and visits to beautiful places. Immediately after breakfast, we will set off on a sea route, and after yesterday’s walks on foot, this will be what you need. You can enjoy stunning seascapes and beautiful picturesque islands.

Aegina is one of the largest islands in the Saronic Gulf. The most ancient archaeological sites are located here: the temple of the ancient goddess Afei, the Cathedral of St. Nektarios, etc. It will be fascinating to visit the fish market and the floating fruit market. Also, be sure to try the pistachios. Then we will go to the island of Poros.

Poros Island – here all the sights are made in the neoclassical style, and the nature here is simply magnificent. Pine forests, small picturesque bays – these are the main attractions of the island. Next, we head to the island of Hydra, where the aristocracy and the elite rest. Here you can wander through the old streets, visit shops and ride donkeys.

Third day. Argolis: Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplio.

Immediately after the meal, we will have a magnificent excursion to the Peloponnese island. Argolis is the pearl of the island. Here you can look at the ancient royal burials, visit the museum and the famous tomb of Agamemnon. In addition, you will see the magnificent palace of the Mycenaean kings. Next, we will go to the city of Nafplio, which was the independent capital of the country. This is a very important city for history, getting here, it seems that you are in a fairy tale, rather than in a real city. You will be able to enjoy stunning panoramas and the atmosphere that will surround you. Squares, ancient monasteries and buildings in the style of Venice – all this will envelop you with an amazing atmosphere. During lunch you will have free time, you can visit cafes and restaurants. And then we will visit Epidaurus, which is the most popular hospital of the ancient world.

Fourth day

Immediately after breakfast, the transfer will take you to the airport.