Excursion “Ancient Wonders of Knossos”

Arriving in Greece, you should definitely attend all kinds of excursions so that you have the opportunity to get to know the rich and ancient history of the country as closely as possible, see ancient architectural monuments and sights, and enjoy the nature of the Greek islands.

Crete and its secrets

Crete is one of the most popular among tourists, which is why our company offers vacationers a wide variety of excursions and tours. During a visit to each of the excursions, you can learn a lot of interesting information, listen to local legends and myths and immerse yourself in the amazing flavor of this wonderful country.

One of the most popular excursions is a visit to the Knossos Palace. The veil of ancient Greek civilization will open before you, you can look at the excavations of the palace itself, which was the center of the Minoan culture. This discovery was very important for knowledge about the culture of Greece. The excavations were carried out by the archaeologist A. Evans, who carried out a thorough and painstaking work. Thanks to his work, today the ancient architectural structure is available for viewing by tourists. And this ancient palace has become the most popular and visited attraction of the island.

The palace consisted of 5 floors, with numerous rooms, corridors and passages. The architecture of the building was very complex and resembled a labyrinth, and the size of the palace itself is simply incredible. Beautiful wall paintings, stucco and frescoes can only convey a fraction of the real beauty of this majestic palace. But, turning on imagination and fantasy, you can imagine how luxurious the rooms, halls and facade of this building were. It was here that the myths about the Minotaur, Zeus, King Minos, the beautiful diva Ariadne and the brave Theseus originated. A visit to the ruins of the palace will be a truly fascinating excursion. This place should be one of the first places you need to go.

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

But our tour will not end there, then we will go to Heraklion and visit the Archaeological Museum, where you can see exhibits dedicated to the everyday life of the Minoan civilization. You will be able to see ceramics, weapons, tools, jewelry and treasures – luxurious jewels of ancient jewelry masters. The museum is very large and in terms of the significance of the exhibits, it is only slightly inferior to the Archaeological Museum in the capital of Greece.

In addition, a pleasant bonus is that you will be given free time so that you can wander around Heraklion, look into souvenir shops or sit in Greek taverns, tasting traditional Greek Mediterranean dishes and local wine.

A walk through the Greek cities is also a great opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of Greece. Moreover, the locals are very hospitable and friendly, they will gladly tell you a lot of interesting things and share local legends and legends.

Relax with pleasure, and our company will make sure that you always have a large selection of various excursions!