Excursion “Spinalonga – Agios Nikolaos”

One of the hallmarks of Greece is its numerous islands, with colorful bays, heavenly beaches and stunning nature. That is why, arriving on vacation in Greece, travelers try to visit various islands where you can enjoy the atmosphere, authenticity and local flavor.

Let’s go to the islands!

One of the most popular excursions among visitors is visiting the islands, which are located near Crete. The tour will be very rich and informative. You will be able to see many beautiful places, wander through picturesque villages and, among other things, visit the small island of Spinalonga.

The tour will begin with the fact that we will go to the port, which is located in the village of Elounda. On a small comfortable ship, we will sail along the Mirabella Bay, where magnificent landscapes will open before you on the green hills and on the coastline of the island. There is nothing better than a short sea voyage during which you will sail the blue of the Greek seas.


After you enjoy the contemplation of the bay, we will visit the island of Spinalonga. The history and culture of this island is special – in ancient times it was he who defended the main island from the pirate attacks of the Turks and Arabs for a very long period. In addition, the island was such a shelter for lepers. The color of the island is also special, as is its indescribable energy.

After visiting Spinalonga, we will go to the opposite islet, where you can relax a bit. In addition, you will be offered a picnic and the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay. After you have had enough rest, lunch and swimming, we will return to the port of Elounda.

Agios Nikolaos

But our journey will not end there, a comfortable bus will be waiting for you to set off on a further journey. The tour will continue in the city of Agios Nikolaos. This is an unusual and picturesque tourist center where travelers come from other islands of Greece. The atmosphere here is dynamic, lively and truly special. You will be able to walk, wander through the narrow streets, enjoy communication with the locals and the delights of the Greek town surrounding you.

The city is famous for its atmosphere and spirit of cosmopolitanism. Here you will be given enough time to walk around the city and visit the popular local lake. Such an excursion will be rich, interesting and memorable. You will get a lot of good mood, positive emotions and will be able to take a huge number of photos for memory against the backdrop of the most beautiful places that you will visit during the tour.

Greece is an amazing and wonderful country, with a rich past, a huge cultural heritage and incredible energy. Here you will feel like in paradise – surrounded by beautiful beaches, blue water and cheerful locals.

Fill your vacation with unforgettable emotions and impressions with us!