Excursion “National Cretan Evening”

Greece is a famous and popular tourist destination. All this is not only due to the beautiful and picturesque nature, crystal clear seas and ancient sights. Travelers also come here for a unique flavor that they won’t find anywhere else.

Kind and cheerful locals, music and dancing – all this you can get only while relaxing on the Greek islands. But in order to feel the unique atmosphere and get to know the traditions of Greece better, visiting local sightseeing tours alone will not be enough.

That is why our company offers our customers a very wide selection of various excursions and tours that will appeal to every tourist. If you want to get to know Greece and fully feel its spirit, then this tour will suit you perfectly.

Unbridled fun on a Cretan evening

We invite you to the national Cretan evening, which will be held in a picturesque mountain village. This is a real opportunity to be among the Greek people, to see how the locals spend their evenings and have fun.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste traditional national Greek dishes. And what could be better than tasting delicious food in a pleasant company?

Artists in luxurious national costumes will perform in front of you to the music, musicians will play on the folk instruments of the island – the lute and the lyre. The spectacle that will be played out in front of you is simply incredible. The atmosphere will turn your head, as will the intoxicating Greek wine.

If you have a desire, and you can be sure – it will certainly arise, you can take part in the dances. The Greeks will teach you the popular local dance Sirtaki. A collective image of one of the famous national heroes of Greece, Zorbas, will play out in front of you. It is his name that is imprinted on the pages of the books of Nicholas Kozanzakis.

Spending one of your evenings on vacation in this way is a unique opportunity and you should definitely take advantage of it. In addition, if your holidays fall during the Greek holidays, which dedicate Dionysius to the God of wine and fun, the extravaganza will be several times larger.

Do not waste your time in Greece only on the beaches and the sea. Enjoy the atmosphere, the colors of this culture. Try traditional dishes, Greek wines and then a sea of ​​fun, a sea of ​​emotions and good mood will accompany you during your holiday.

Our company makes sure that our tourists can visit the most unique and original excursions that will help to get to know this fabulous country and its culture.

Rest is a wonderful time that you will remember for a whole year during gray, working days. It is for this reason that the holidays should be filled with the most vivid and unforgettable emotions so that they feed your good mood for a long time to come.

Relax with us, and we will make sure that your vacation is fabulous and truly heavenly!