Excursion “Greek Venice”

What could be more beautiful for a traveler than visiting such an excursion as “Greek Venice”. Arriving on the picturesque and colorful island of Crete, tourists want to attend as many different tours and excursions as possible. That is why our company provides the widest selection of excursions for every taste. But you can definitely not doubt that each of them will be informative and original. One of these is a tour of the Greek Venice.

During the trip you will meet nature of rare beauty, see unique landscapes, visit archaeological reserves, monasteries.


Majestic mountains, green hills and tropical forests – all this you can see by visiting a stunning colorful town.

The Rethymno region is the most mountainous area of ​​Crete, surrounded by lush tropical forests. One of the most popular and visited attractions is the Preveli Monastery. Once upon a time, travelers called it the Cretan paradise, where one could relax from life’s anxieties. This monastery has played an important role in the history of the island. In ancient times, several times he protected the locals from invaders.

Then we will set off again on a journey that will be no less exciting and eventful.


You will visit the small port village of Plakias. Here you can comfortably relax on the beach, swim in the clear waters of the Libyan Sea, and dine in one of the local cafes. The water here is crystal clear, the Libyan Sea shimmers with beautiful shades of emerald, azure and blue. But a trip to Greece will not be complete if you do not try traditional Greek dishes served in colorful taverns and restaurants.

The city of Rethymno is the administrative center of the region. This is a picturesque city with an amazing ancient appearance. The Venetian port has been preserved here. And in the old town, narrow old streets, fountains, Venetian and Turkish buildings with wooden balconies create magical energy.

In ancient times, this place was an ancient Greek city. On the ruins of the acropolis in the 16th century, the Venetians built the fortress of Fortez. A century later, the Turks captured it. From the fortress you can clearly see the city and a magnificent view of the sea, as well as the snow-white peak of Mount Ida. In Rethymno they sell Cretan knives with mantinades inscribed on them – quatrains popular on the island.

Here you will see ancient temples, Venetian fountains, medieval bastions and Muslim minarets, stone streets and incredibly long beaches. Cultures of different eras and different styles are mixed here. You can visit museums, go shopping for souvenirs, relax in one of the many taverns or in one of the restaurants along the coast.

The tour will leave you with a lot of impressions and emotions. You can fully relax on the Greek islands only by visiting various tours that you will remember for a lifetime, and which will remind you how wonderfully you spent time in this amazing country.