Tour of central Crete

Traveling to a new country is always a mass of vivid emotions, new impressions and memories that you will scroll in your memory for a long time to come. That is why tourists want to make the most of their vacation, enjoying every minute of their stay on vacation. Greece is an ideal option for a fabulous holiday.

Picturesque Crete

Crete is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece. Here the tourist will have a great vacation surrounded by endless blue sea spaces, green hills, the wonderful aroma of olive groves and orange trees, as well as an inimitable flavor that can only be enjoyed here.

Crete offers travelers a wide variety of tours and excursions that will certainly leave the brightest and freshest emotions in your memory. One of the popular excursions that tourists love is visiting central Crete.

Crete is a fabulous, wonderful island where you can enjoy not only ancient architectural sights and buildings, but also stunning nature. An interesting fact is that it is in Crete that the sea shimmers in fourteen shades, ranging from emerald to dark blue. The sight is simply incredible, especially when the rays of the sun cast a glare on the crystal clear water.

Plateau of Lassithi

The tour starts on the picturesque plateau of Lassithi, where from Mount Dikti you can see such panoramas that were only in your dreams. The beautiful views surrounding you are already a big plus of such a holiday. You just enjoy the pictures that nature draws, and it becomes sunny in your soul, and your mood rises even more.

Next, by bus, we will move to the Lassithi Plateau, which is known not only for its magnificent and picturesque paintings, but also for seven thousand windmills. It is their white sails that adorn the entire plateau.

The road to the plateau itself will be a big adventure, because it goes through mountain passes, dense green forests and deep gorges. Enjoying the natural beauty of Crete from the window of a comfortable bus is already interesting and informative. You will learn many interesting facts about the endemics of Crete, you will be able to see a medieval monastery, which is lost deep in the mountains.

If you are lucky, you may see a rare diction eagle. In addition, we will pass through the picturesque Cretan villages, and you will be able to learn more informative information about culture and life. We can also visit a cave with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, where, according to legend, the goddess Rhea gave birth to God Zeus. You will hear local legends, myths and get a lot of great photos against the backdrop of windmills, blue sea and green hills.

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