Pirate Island of Gramvousa

Tourists arriving in Greece are imbued with its energy and dynamics. Here you want to go on sea voyages, wander through the ancient ruins of ancient temples, listening to local legends and myths. Here you want to feel like in paradise, sunbathing on stunningly beautiful beaches. And it is here, in Greece, that tourists can fully embody all their dreams and desires into reality.

Pirate adventure

And our company offers various excursions that will help make your holiday on the Greek islands the most vivid and unforgettable. You will definitely get a portion of magical impressions and emotions. One of the very original excursions is a visit to the Pirate Island. Do not doubt that the wave of wild Greek nature with the colorful atmosphere of the island, with its myths and legends, will simply overwhelm you.

Gramvousa is now an uninhabited island, but there were times when there was a haven for pirates. Perhaps the spirit of adventure and adventurism will wake up in those who set foot on its land!

The island is incredibly beautiful. The waters of the sea around him shimmer with emerald azure and blue hues, gleaming mysteriously in the sun. But, when you get here for the first time, you definitely need to look at the main local attraction.

On the island of Gramvousa there is a Venetian fortress, very well preserved. In the old days, it served as a guarantee of the safety of sea routes. But in one of the raids on the island, the Turks still managed to capture an impregnable fortress from the Venetians. After more than a hundred years, the Cretans had a chance to win it back. When they succeeded, and the Cretans fortified their positions in the fortress, they not only attacked the Turks from there, but also often traded in piracy, stopping any ships. Gramvousa is the first free Cretan territory.

The fortress offers a very beautiful panoramic view. The geological feature of the island is that three seas converge here: the Ionian, Aegean and Libyan. It is because of this that the water here has many shades – from turquoise to almost emerald.

But our journey will not end there, there are many more beautiful places waiting for you.

Famous white beaches

After the fortress, you will visit the Balos lagoon with its heavenly white beaches. Prince Charles and Lady Diana spent their honeymoon here. Rest on the beach will please both adults and children. For travelers with children, there is a natural warm pool (water temperature is about 30 degrees!).

Such an excursion really excites the blood and allows you to feel the spirit of that ancient and medieval Greece, great sea adventures and the pirate spirit. Don’t spend all your time sipping refreshing cocktails by the pool at the hotel or shopping in souvenir shops. Go on various excursions, rush into sea adventures that are already waiting for you. And you certainly will never forget such holidays, and our company will be happy to help you with this!