Jeep safari in Crete

If you are already sitting on your suitcases, but have not yet decided where exactly to go on vacation, consider that the ideal option for a vacation has already been selected. Greece is a bright, emotional, dynamic and incredibly interesting country. Only here you can enjoy 14 shades of 3 different seas. Only here you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the culture of the Greek islands, hear legends about the ancient Greek gods, mythological animals. Only here nature awaits you, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off and, of course, friendly locals who welcome travelers with open arms.

The culture and traditions of Greece are so diverse that it will be simply impossible to recognize them in one trip, just as it will be impossible to come here only once. Once having visited one of the Greek islands, you will certainly want to come back here again to learn as many new, interesting and incredible facts about this country as possible.

Only here they prepare such dishes of Greek cuisine that you will not try anywhere else. The atmosphere and color that hover in romantic cozy cafes and taverns, to the accompaniment of Greek music, dances and fun, will give you a charge of good mood and positive energy not only during your vacation, but also for a long period after it.

In addition, our travel company offers clients a wide variety of excursions and tours, during which it will be possible to get to know and learn more about Greek culture, its history and traditions. There are a lot of entertainment in Greece, and every tourist will certainly be able to find the perfect pastime for themselves.

Benefits of active holiday in Greece

If you like outdoor activities, but at the same time want to see all the beauties of the Greek island of Crete, then the tour that we offer you will suit you best.

Jeep safari provides travelers with the opportunity to see the beauty of Greek nature in its original form. We will pass by beautiful mountain gorges, valleys, along the coast, we will also drive along the serpentine of roads, where dizzying sea panoramas will open before you.

You will be able to see Crete for what it really is, with its lush green hills, wild beaches and friendly locals who are happy to share with you one of the hidden local legends. Particularly interesting moments of the excursion will be acquaintance and communication with the Greeks.


The road will be very long, we will make a stop in the village of Trapsanos. Here you can see the workshops of various national crafts. We will pass the entire island from north to south – you will see all the beauties of Crete, without hiding.

In addition, we will be able to make a stop on a wild beach so that you can swim, enjoy the atmosphere and have lunch. In addition to the fact that you will get a lot of vivid emotions and impressions during a jeep safari, you can take a huge number of pictures against the backdrop of beautiful nature, mountains and seas. And in the village where we will make a stop, you can visit souvenir shops and stock up on gifts for relatives and friends.

If you want to see the island of Crete in all its cultural and natural manifestations, then the Jeep Safari tour is the best option.