Excursion from Athens to Meteora

Excursion “Holy Meteora” provides travelers with the world of Orthodox monasticism in Greece. This is a rare and amazing place where heavenly grace is harmoniously combined with stunning Greek nature. It is here that you can relax not only with your soul, but also with your body, and this is necessary for every person. This tour will be full of indescribable emotions that you will not get anywhere else.

The landscapes that will open before you are breathtaking. Several cliffs rise above the Thessalian valley, creating an incredible panoramic view. About 30 million years ago, water knocked down sand and stones, creating the unusual shapes of today’s rocks. Here it seems that you are in a magical state.

This tour will amaze travelers not only with a variety of landscapes and natural beauty, but also with ancient Christian monasteries. It is thanks to the temples that Meteora is one of the most visited places of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. And mountain paintings and ancient temples against the backdrop of amazing nature will leave you with unforgettable emotions and good memories. You will not see similar landscapes anywhere else, and the emotions that will rage in you are generally incomparable with anything.

When we leave Athens and head to Kalambaka, which is located 350 km from the capital, our road will lie through the famous Thermopylae – this place is famous for the legendary battle of 300 Spartans with the Persian troops. We will also have the opportunity to stop near the sculpture, which is dedicated to the Spartan king, who was the leader of this great battle. The atmosphere and energy here is indescribable!

Further, our path will lie through Lamia, Karditsa, Kalambaka, and only after that we will climb Meteor. The journey does not end there, we are waiting for a visit to 2 monasteries, an icon-painting shop.

Our tour will end with an amazing lunch at the foot of the fabulous rocks in Kalambaka. The small picturesque town has long been a favorite place for travelers to visit. Here you can walk, look around and just chat with friendly and welcoming locals who love tourists.

It is here that you can feel the unique color and atmosphere of the holy place, and for this tourists come here from all over the world. Do not doubt that this excursion will be filled with vivid emotions, amazing memories and that part of Greece that you did not know before visiting these places. Get to know the culture and history of this amazing country, and the various excursions offered by our company will help you with this.

Greece deserves to be given attention, and this will be done by visiting various tours. Do not delay, contact company representatives, find out more details about excursions and book an amazing adventure through the most beautiful places in Greece.

Enjoy your holidays in the magical Greek islands!