Excursion to Delphi from Athens

The excursion offers an unforgettable acquaintance with the ancient city of Greece, which is located only 180 km from the capital of Athens. Delphi is the world-famous sanctuary of Apollo, it is these places that are called one of the most beautiful in Greece, and this is where tourists want to get in the first place when they arrive in this fabulous country.

The city is located on the slope of the beautiful Mount Parnassus, the area here is simply amazing, the landscapes take your breath away, and the atmosphere of Ancient Greece is felt in every pebble. It seems that this is where you get closer to the ancient myths and legends of Greece.

And this is no accident, because it is here that such monuments as the sanctuary of the goddess Gaia are located, where the glorious Apollo killed the evil dragon Python, and after that he decided to establish an oracle on this place, which was called Delphi.

Magnificent mountain landscapes delight with their beauty, after you enjoy them enough, we will go to the city of Livadia, a 2-hour drive from Athens. Here the first stop will be made so that you can enjoy the nature and color surrounding you.

Then we will go to the small town of Arachova, which has become famous for its handmade carpets, wines and cheeses. Next, we head to Delphi – the ancient Greeks thought that they were the center of the world.

In the local museum, among the exhibits, the “navel of the Earth” is kept – this is a marble statue on which stretching ribbons are drawn. The ancient Greeks gave it the name Omphalos. And according to legend, those who touch the Omphalos can count on the fulfillment of any desires.

And you will have the opportunity to come here and take advantage of this ancient tradition so that your desires are also fulfilled. In addition, we will have the opportunity to wash ourselves with crystal clear water from the blue spring. Tradition says that those who wash themselves with water will be guaranteed young for many years.

You can walk through the ruins of the sanctuary where the famous Greek priestess Pythia foretold the fate of many Greeks. It is in these places that there is a special, mystical aura. Until now, goosebumps run through the skin when you think that many hundreds of years ago inexplicable things took place here.

In addition, the magnificent nature that surrounds the temple cannot but delight the eyes of tourists. Mountains, green hills and ancient ruins – all this you will see on the tour. At the end of the tour, you will be given free time to walk around and look around. This is one of the best parts of the tour when you are given free rein.

If desired, we can stop at one of the local taverns or cafes and try traditional Greek dishes with local Greek wine.

Enjoy the amazing Greece and all that it has to offer to its guests. And take home with you only positive memories of a great vacation on the islands.