Excursion from Athens to Patras and Ancient Olympia

Athens is a wonderful ancient city that definitely deserves the detailed attention of a traveler who has arrived in Greece. If you also expect holidays in this amazing country, and you want to get to know its history and culture better, then you should visit various excursions that help make your stay in a new country rich and informative.

One of these excursions is a visit to ancient Olympia, which is located on the island of Peloponnese. It is this island that is called the cradle of mythology, legends and Greek history. On the Isthmus of Corfi you will have a stop for twenty minutes, after which you can go to Patras, which are located just a couple of hours drive from Athens.

This Greek city is the main port of the Peloponnese and an important shipping center. Our path will lie through the picturesque place of Rio, where you can see a stunningly beautiful suspension bridge, which is one of the oldest suspension bridge structures not only in all of Greece, but throughout Europe. Also in the city of Patras, we will visit a stunning cathedral, the most important on the Balkan Peninsula – the Cathedral of St. Andrew the Apostle the Primordial.

Just 80 km from the city is Ancient Olympia, which is the pearl of this excursion. This is the ancient birthplace of the Olympic Games. The landscapes that will open before you are simply mesmerizing. The nature here is truly beautiful, unique and unique.

The local atmosphere cannot be described in words, as well as the panoramas – you just need to see everything yourself in order to feel the ancient spirit that lives here in every column, in every pebble and in every ruin.

It is here that the ancient altar of the temple of Hera is located, where the Olympic flame first flared up from the rays of the bright and scorching sun. It is the Olympic flame that is called the most peaceful fire in the world.

After that, we will go to Altis – this is a sacred grove, where various competitions were held. You can also see the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It was here that the great statue of the Thunderer was located, which is made of ivory and gold, and which was one of the seven wonders of the world.

The atmosphere here is truly unique, each ruin carries a special history and legend. You can visit the Museum of the Olympic Games, which exhibits unusual and original exhibits.

At the end of the tour, you can fully relax and taste traditional dishes in one of the local taverns.

This tour is really rich and interesting, you will definitely like it, do not doubt it! And our company will make sure that you get only good emotions.