Excursion from Corfu to Bari

Excursion from Corfu to Bari

You always need to make your trip as rich and exciting as possible. Be sure to visit many different excursions and tours. Only in this way you will have the opportunity to get not only a lot of interesting information, but also to see numerous sights and experience positive, vivid emotions.

One of the most popular and unusual excursions is visiting Italy! Just imagine, during one vacation you will be able to learn not only the culture and traditions of Greece, but also of Italy.

Italian city of Bari – Basilica of St. Nicholas

From the island of Corfu you will have a unique opportunity to make an excursion to the city of Bari, to get acquainted with the history and culture of another Mediterranean state – Italy.

The city of Bari in Italy was founded by the Greeks in the 5th century BC. e. Once the Slavs called it Bargrad. It is amazingly beautiful and colorful.

The main attraction of the city is the Basilica of St. Nicholas. It is here that the relics of the holy miracle worker, St. Nicholas, Archbishop of the World of Lycia, revered throughout the world, are kept. Every year, numerous tourists and pilgrims of various Christian denominations visit Bari to venerate the relics of the great saint.

Orthodox services are held in the Basilica in Church Slavonic. Those who wish have the opportunity to take part in worship. More than a hundred years ago, for Orthodox pilgrims, by decree of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, the Temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Russian Orthodox Church) was built. The locals call it “Russian Mission”.

A visit to this wonderful city will be amazing, you should not put off such an amazing excursion for a moment.

Bari is a large port city. The atmosphere here is indescribable, and the streets and squares are very beautiful. The embankment of the city rises, and a white-stone city is spread on the slope of the mountain. From there, a charming view of the bay opens, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

Bari has retained the atmosphere of a medieval city. It is an example of Italian antiquity. At the same time, the city harmoniously combines the spirit of the Middle Ages and the stormy cosmopolitan lifestyle of modern Italy. Trade is flourishing in the city of Bari, it is an ideal place for shopping. You can also get acquainted with the national cuisine of Italy by visiting one of the traditional restaurants.

Our company also offers other services. In Italy you will be accompanied by a transfer of your choice. VIP car of your choice (MERCEDES, RANGE ROVER, PORSCHE CAYENNE, LEXUS, minivan), 8-seater comfortable MERCEDES minibus or ferry.

The duration of the whole trip is at least two days, because one way by ferry is 9 hours.

A dress code is required to visit the monastery. Clothing appropriate for visiting such places. For men, these are covered shoulders, trousers. For women – covered shoulders, long skirt or pareo.

Do not hesitate, such an excursion will be another of your right decisions, as well as a visit to the island of Corfu.