Excursion from Corfu to Meteora

Excursion from Corfu to Meteora

Modern human life can be filled with hectic working days, stress and a constant lack of rest. That is why, when the time of the long-awaited vacation comes, and you go to a new country in order to plunge into the rest with your head, you should definitely take the maximum of emotions and impressions from it.

If you are going for heavenly pleasure, aesthetic pleasure from beautiful nature, vivid sensations from getting to know the color and mentality of an incredible ancient culture, then visiting Corfu will be what you need. Despite the fact that the island of Corfu began to gain popularity among travelers not so long ago, like other popular Greek islands, it quickly broke into the tourist life not only in Greece, but in the entire Mediterranean.

But in order to get the most out of your vacation, you should definitely visit numerous tours and excursions. They will give you a charge of good mood, a palette of vivid memories and the opportunity to visit the most popular sights and beautiful places of the island.

One of the special and amazing excursions is visiting the “floating in the air” monasteries. This is a real miracle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The floating monasteries of Meteora will surprise you with their fantastic beauty.

What are Meteors

Meteora is a complex of monasteries that are located on the rocks. It is these monasteries that are the place of mass pilgrimage for travelers from all over the world. The buildings are located in the northwestern part of central Greece. Rocks surrounded by lush vegetation create a mystical haze around the monasteries. It is here that beliefs and legends go about how, in the 14th century, a monk named Athanasius arrived here to found a monastery called Meteora.

Meteora translates as “soaring in the air.” Looking at these structures at a height of 619 meters, it seems that they really soar. This is an ideal place to relax not only with the body, but also with the soul.

Do not hesitate, visiting these places will bring you a unique feeling. The energy here is calm. It seems as if grace is in the air. Here you can cleanse the soul and strengthen the spirit. Believe me, you will remember everything that you see here for a long time.

To date, only 6 monasteries work in meteors, two of which are female, the rest are male. There are ruins of other buildings where monks took refuge in ancient times. 15 monasteries remain destroyed.

During the tour, we will visit two active monasteries – one for women, the other for men. We will also look into the workshop, where icons are created in strict Byzantine traditions even today.

We will set off on a comfortable car, which you will be able to choose from brands such as Mercedes, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover and Lexus. If you are traveling with a group of friends or a large family, then a comfortable Mercedes minibus with 8 seats is waiting for you. It takes 4 hours to drive one way, but believe that the landscapes that will surround you will amaze you with their view even from the car window.