Sea voyage Parga town – Paxos island

Sea voyage Parga town – Paxos island

Sometimes we are so eagerly waiting for a long-awaited vacation that when we arrive in an unfamiliar country, we do not know what to grab onto. Either rush to the beach, or bask by the pool, sipping soft drinks or cocktails, or run to the city center to enjoy the local flavor and meet the locals, who will tell many interesting legends and stories of these places. And this is not surprising, because only here you can see the magnificent beauty of the sea, listen to the ancient myths and legends of Greece, taste delicious national dishes and drinks, and just enjoy everything that surrounds you. Isn’t that why you go on vacation and change dull everyday life for vivid emotions and impressions?

But what if you have the opportunity to cover everything at once, visiting exciting excursions and tours. Our company makes sure that all travelers get a lot of pleasure and a palette of vivid impressions from their holidays on the island of Corfu. That is why we offer a large selection of excursions – every tourist will definitely find something to their liking.

Corfu attracts vacationers from all over the world – all this is due to the heavenly pleasure that you can get here, enjoying the beautiful nature, magnificent beaches, blue sea and azure bays. One of the most favorite excursions for travelers is a sea adventure. During this excursion, we will go to conquer the water surface of the Ionian Sea. In addition, you will have the opportunity to walk around one of the most colorful towns in Greece.

After you’ve been around the city of Parga and enjoyed the color around you, you can swim on the shores of the smallest island of the Ionian archipelago.


The city of Parga, starting from the 15th century, was a defensive point for the locals. It was the Venetians who built a fortress here, which is today the main attraction of the city. A settlement was formed around the fortress, which inhabits the city to this day. You can look at the picturesque streets of the city, squares, enjoy how the locals greet tourists good-naturedly and share interesting stories and facts about their city.

You can visit the souvenir shops to buy a few trinkets as gifts to take home, visit the shops or sit in a small romantic cafe.


After that, we will go to the picturesque island of Paxos, which will amaze you with its beauty. The island is just dotted with cypresses, olive trees and groves – the aroma here is simply amazing. The atmosphere conveys peace and noble tranquility. You will be able to recharge your batteries, positive emotions and only the best memories from visiting an amazing excursion.

Don’t spend your entire holiday at your hotel’s pool. Visit various excursions and learn as many interesting facts as possible about the history of such an amazing island of Corfu.