Excursion “Kalamata – Diru Cave”

Each of the islands of Greece is unique, and offers tourists not only beautiful nature and local flavor, but also a large number of architectural structures and popular attractions. If you have gone on vacation to the wonderful island of Peloponnese, you are offered individual full-day tours and various excursions.

Excursion “Kalamata – Diru Cave”

The tour starts immediately after breakfast. Together, in a VIP car or an 8-seated comfortable minibus, we will hit the road. You can independently choose a car from such brands as: Mercedes, Range Rover, Lexus, Porsche Cayenne. We will be on the road for about an hour.

Kalamata is not only the largest city in the southern part of the island, but also one of the most authentic cities. Having visited it, we will be able to look at the castle of Kastro, the ancient amphitheater, the archaeological museum of Benikion, the Museum of Folklore and the Historical Museum. Those who are fond of history and archaeology will be doubly interested in visiting museums.

After that, you can go down to the picturesque harbor, here you can look at the old specimens stored in the Railway Museum. Having walked a lot around the city and examined its surroundings, we will set off on our further journey.

After 1.5 hours we will arrive at the Diru cave, which is the pearl of this excursion. You can visit and look at the incredibly beautiful beaches of Monemvasia. Dirou Cave is the main natural attraction of Greece.

In addition, in terms of significance, this cave is one of the most popular attractions not only in the country, but throughout the world. Underground lakes and caves are the largest in all of Europe. Dirou is located in the south of the Peloponnese, on the Mani peninsula, which lies in a bay surrounded by beautiful sea panoramas.

To fully experience the indescribable atmosphere of the cave, we will definitely be able to ride boats. Once in underground caves and grottoes, amazing energy and mystical notes will leave you with the most vivid and unforgettable impressions. Getting here, you will not doubt about this excursion. And you will not regret that you exchanged the warmth of the sun of Greece for the cold walls of caves and underground stalactites.

Diru Cave is a truly amazing and unique creation of nature. Here it seems that you have entered another world, where you are surrounded by clear waters of lakes, multi-colored stalagmites and stalactites of yellow, green, red and other colors. The atmosphere that hovers here is worth it to come to this amazing place. After the boat trip, we will land in the cave so that you can wander around and look around.

After you will have lunch at a fish restaurant serving delicious seafood dishes, and then the transfer will take you back to the hotel. The emotions that you will receive during this excursion are unforgettable, because the Diru cave is the place that you should definitely visit at least once.