Excursion “Waterfalls of Kalamata Polylimnio”

Visiting various excursions allows you to get to know the culture, history and traditions of Greece. That is why our company creates unique and diverse excursions and tours that allow you to expand your knowledge about this amazing country.

In addition, visiting excursions allows you to see the most popular sights of the Greek islands, the most beautiful places and just enjoy an amazing pastime that will bring you a lot of pleasure and memories. Isn’t it positive emotions, good mood and a lot of photos against the backdrop of the panoramas of Greece that every traveler wants to bring home with him?

One of the favorite excursions among tourists is Polilimnio – Kalamata waterfalls. This tour will allow you to see the paradise corners of the island, where you can feel like Greek mythological goddesses and just enjoy the magnificent landscapes that will surround you.

Excursion “Waterfalls of Kalamata Polylimnio”

The trip will take place on a VIP car of your choice (MERCEDES, RANGE ROVER, PORSCHE CAYENNE, LEXUS) or an 8-seater comfortable MERCEDES minibus. The journey takes about 25 minutes one way.

The wonderful atmosphere of this region is formed by several lakes, small and large. Here, among the divine landscapes, the heart will beat faster not only among subtle lovers of nature, but also among those who are usually restrained in expressing emotions and feelings. Here you can enjoy communication with the wonderful Greek nature. If you’re lucky, you can witness an amazing natural phenomenon: whole clouds of blue-blue butterflies fly here and circle over the greenery and water surface, like clouds or light pieces of azure sky.

There is a whole scattering of lakes here, one more charming than the other, their total number is 15. A crystal-clear waterfall, born high in the mountains, flows into each of them. Each lake is surrounded by thickets of greenery and sprawling trees. Therefore, even in the August heat it is cool and fresh here.

The names of these lakes are mysterious and very poetic – Mavrolimna, Kadi, Lucky Lake, St. Lake, Stafula Lake.

Polylimnio is surrounded by a picturesque path, which in just five minutes of walking leads to an incredibly beautiful place, rich in lush vegetation and overflowing with melodious birdsong. A real paradise for those who are looking for communion with the inviolable and pure nature.

To travel to the springs, you need comfortable sports shoes – you will have to walk along rocky paths.

After the end of the walk – lunch at a fish restaurant on the seashore, and then transfer to the hotel. At the restaurant you can taste Mediterranean seafood dishes and taste amazing, aromatic and delicious Greek wines. Do not doubt that during this excursion positive emotions will go off scale, good mood will accompany you during the whole tour. And you will take home the memories of one of the best pastimes in amazing Greece.