Official wedding ceremony in Santorini (Package #5)

Official wedding ceremony in Santorini (Package #5)

How to Make a Santorini Official Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable

A wedding is rather a tribute to tradition and the brightest memorable moment of a conscious life. Its correct organization is able to cheer up lovers, give new, vivid emotions to invited guests.

Our company offers its services, using which, customers can avoid the “wedding planner”.

List of services provided by Nomos Travel in Package No. 5

We can make the beginning of a life together memorable, hassle-free, fabulous! By paying a one-time fee, lovers will be able to:

  • Rely on the fact that all organizational issues will be resolved by representatives of Nomos Travel.
  • We will help to submit an application, without which the marriage cannot take place, we will agree with the mayor (we will pay for his services), we will translate, we will certify the entire package of required documents.
  • If there are no witnesses, we will certainly provide them.
  • The coordinator of our company¬† will conduct the necessary consultations in advance, act as an escort, translator at the celebration itself. It will help to resolve the remaining issues the next day – to obtain a marriage certificate, to begin the procedure for its legalization.
  • Trained florists will make a romantic bouquet, which will include seasonal flowers, boutonniere. They will make floral decorations to be placed on the registration table. In most cases, the decoration is made of an oval, about 70 centimetres long.
  • Taste a wedding cake for 2-6 people baked by a local chef and celebrate the occasion with a glass of local champagne.
  • Photographer services and after receive processed images (50 pieces) and a digital media with all the captured frames.
  • Invite a stylist-hairdresser who will make a wedding hairstyle for the bride on the territory of the hotel where she lives.


Issues related to the legalization of a marriage certificate are subject to a separate payment – count on additional costs in the region of 200 euros. It is impossible to immediately obtain the required document, since legalization in Santorini lasts about 2-3 months.

The result of all actions will be:

  • Obtaining a certified apostilled certificate . The certification process takes place in Athens on the territory of the Consulate .
  • Sending a document from Athens to the office of Nomos Travel.

Extra services provided by Nomos Travel

To have a non-standard wedding that is different from the rest is the desire of many lovers. To add some zest to the gala event, the appearance of the bride, the scenery will help ordering auxiliary services, for example:

Name Brief description
For the bride Services of masters of hairdressing related to hair (styling, coloring). Masters of manicure, pedicure will help to complement the image. If possible, the staff will be Russian speakers.
Decorations Additional decorations of the registration table, a portable arch can be made, auxiliary compositions made of seasonal flowers are provided.
Choosing a place Heroes of the occasion can choose any place suitable for the style of the wedding. Santo Winery – the site accommodates about 30 guests. There are: an arch decorated with a vine (artificial), a reception desk decorated with a linen tablecloth, lanterns, low olive trees. Dana Viilas is a gazebo where snow-white tulle and curtains serve as the main decoration, the registration table is covered with a white tablecloth, and two white lanterns are installed nearby. The territory of the church of St. Irene is a gazebo decorated with light colors with fabrics, a table for registration, dwarf trees, two rather tall former lanterns.
Music Add romance to the celebration will help 2 musicians performing their works using traditional instruments.

All additional information can be provided upon request when contacting Nomos Travel.