Wedding on Santorini (Package #6)

Wedding on Santorini (Package #6)

Official ceremony on Santorini – the most beautiful island on Earth
What makes a wedding carefree

When it comes to organizing a wedding, most lovers enthusiastically begin to figure out how it should go, what outfits they will wear, what her style will be.

A huge number of organizational issues falls on the fragile shoulders of young people. Fuss, knocking out of the planned schedule, force majeure circumstances can quarrel lovers, and sometimes overshadow the celebration itself.

Turn the organization of the event into a romantic trip – go to Santorini, there – entrust the organization of the wedding to the professionals of Nomos Travel.

Our experienced professionals can:

  • Organize a symbolic wedding.
  • Conduct an official wedding ceremony, after which the newlyweds receive an official document confirming the marriage.


After the official marriage in Santorini, a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate is legalization. This procedure is performed by our employees (not included in the package price). Often you need to deposit about 200 euros. Getting the long-awaited document will not work quickly. You should be patient and wait 2-3 months.

The expectations are worth it – the newly-made spouses will be issued a certificate (apostilled), which will already be certified in Athens at the Consulate . You do not need to pay extra for the courier.

Why choose Standard Package #6

Organizing wedding events (since 2011), our company Nomos Travel employs or attracts staff capable of quickly, competently performing all the necessary preparatory activities, for example:

Name Brief description
Organization Submit applications to the mayor’s office, order the services provided by the mayor, pay a fee for them. Translate, certify, prepare the required package of documents. If necessary, find 2 witnesses.
Beauty services The bride will feel like a queen – employees ) will go to the territory of the accommodation room to provide assistance. These can be: hair stylists, makeup artists, qualified manicure and pedicure masters.
Transfer Transfer Nomos Travel has a fleet of executive cars that will take guests to the ceremony venue.
Wedding paraphernalia Everything that is needed to decorate the venue of the celebration will be done using seasonal flowers (a bouquet for the bride, a boutonniere for the groom, flower bouquets on the table, an arch, etc.). No wedding is complete without cake and champagne.

Specify the details. All of the above is included in the cost of the package of services provided.


  • Invite the master for painting, hair styling. Often the hairdresser-stylist brings the image of the bride to perfection.
  • Use the service of manicure or pedicure masters.
  • Book any (of those that are available) elements to decorate the wedding venue. They often rent arches decorated with seasonal flowers, additional decorations for the registration table, flower arrangements placed on stands.
  • Musicians and videographers are invited. Before the start of the video shooting, a consultation (viber) will be held. Shooting time is about 2 hours. You get over 100 professionally processed photos, a video clip. Perhaps the author’s correction, retouching (about 20 frames).
  • Choose your favorite location for the ceremony, for example, part of the Church of St. Irene or the site of Santo Winery, Dana Vilas can be rented.

We are happy to help everyone – contact Nomos Travel!