Wedding ceremony in Skiathos

Wedding ceremony in Skiathos

Holding a wedding ceremony in Skiathos
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If you want to hold a ceremony in an unusual, cosmopolitan place that captivates with its unique nature – go to the island of Skiathos. This place is shrouded in sad events in the past – wars, change of power. 478 BC brought the island a certain status – joined the membership of the maritime union of Athens.

For a long time of its existence, the authorities of Macedonia, Rome, Venice, and Turkey ruled here.

Some attractions

On a relatively small area, just over 47 sq. km, there are many historical sights, a visit to which will add variety after the wedding ceremony. For example, you can visit:

Attractions Short description
Burtzi On a small peninsula, you can visit the main city fortress, located near the central harbor. The Venetians were involved in the construction of the fortress, later it served as their residence. Today it houses a house-museum with a city library and a theater.
Annunciation Monastery Its second name is Evangelistria. Its construction was carried out by ascetic monks, who then lived on Mount Athos. The monastery dates from the 17th century. The uniqueness of the impressive building is given by its location – the inability to see from the sea. This was done in order to protect against pirate invasions.

A visit to the Azure and Dark Grotto, natural attractions will bring special pleasure. Climb the majestic Kastro Rock. Here at the top rises a fortress (once consisting of 300 houses, 30 churches), built by the Scythians in the 16th century.

Beach holiday

Skiathos, with its small territory, is dotted with beaches – there are about 60 of them, many of which are considered the best in all of Greece. The beach, with the interesting name “Leaky Rock” (Tripia-Petra), has an interesting feature – a rock-arch, the photo of which can be found in various tourism catalogs and guidebooks.

The beach of Koukounaries, whose coastline is sandy, has the shape of a horseshoe. It is distinguished by magnificent picturesque landscapes, because in addition to the sea, a river flows nearby, and visiting a pine forest you can stumble upon a lake.

Why Skiathos

For a long time the territory of Skiathos was considered a “resort of millionaires” who arrived here by sea on their own yachts. Once it was possible to get to it only by sea, but the opened airport allowed everyone to visit the resort.

Cinema lovers will immediately recognize the area from the musical “Mamma Mia!”. If you have a choice – come to spend an unforgettable day of your life here!

Wedding ceremony services (on request)

The cost of the celebration includes:

  • Organization of the application for marriage.
  • Costs that are assumed when obtaining a marriage license.
  • Implementation of translations and certification of the required package of documents.
  • Payment for a marriage certificate.
  • Mayor’s fees.
  • If necessary, 2 witnesses will be provided.
  • An English-speaking wedding coordinator who will conduct the consultation will be present during the wedding ceremony.
  • Transfer is a luxury car.
  • Bouquet for the bride, the groom – a boutonniere. All decorations are made from seasonal flowers.
  • Photographer services – 2 hours. After the ceremony, the newlyweds receive processed photos (50 pcs).

A nice addition will be the presence of a wedding cake for up to 6 people, a bottle of champagne, baskets with rose petals and rice, sweet nuts “for good luck”.