Wedding in Santorini (package #2)

Wedding in Santorini (package #2)

Santorini – wedding paradise

One of the most popular places among young people who have gathered to tie the knot is Santorini. The island, like paradise, is shrouded in unique natural views, mountains, immersed in lush greenery. What are the beauty of the sea coast with crystal clear water!

Everyone who has ever seen the local landscapes dreams of holding a wedding ceremony here. A place overflowing with romance – coming here for a wedding, you will get a lot of unforgettable impressions. Being in the status of a newlywed, do not rush – stay here for your honeymoon.

Recreation here is so diverse that everyone will find something to do. For example:

  • You can go to one of the beaches, scattered like pearls throughout the coastline. What could be more beautiful than basking in the sun, enjoying communication with your soul mate.
  • Fans of gastronomic travel can make their own itinerary for visiting local restaurants, taverns, bars. Wherever the road leads travelers, the welcome will be warm everywhere, and the chefs will serve unusual dishes of local cuisine.
  • Visit Acrotoria, a cape where unique archeological excavations were carried out, an ancient city that suffered from a powerful volcanic eruption around 1500 BC. e.

Way to Santorini

Using the transfer service provided by our company Nomos Travel, visitors will quickly and easily reach their destination. Here, a Nomos Travel representative will be waiting for the future spouses, who will become a reliable assistant in the process of organizing a wedding.

Brief information about Package #2

Each couple has the right to choose:

  • Take advantage of the standard list of services provided.
  • Take advantage of additional services.

Standard Service

No wedding in Santorini is complete without a master of ceremonies, coordinator. If possible, taking into account the wishes of customers. All consultations are held in advance (a day before).

Walking to the ceremony venue is not provided. Transfer services guaranteed!

The main attribute of the bride is a bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, decorations on the table are made using flowers that bloom at the time of the wedding. As soon as the newlyweds receive a wedding certificate, you can cut the cake (for 2-6 people), open champagne and congratulate the newly-made family!

There is no need to worry that the most important event will remain only in memory, as a photographer will work throughout the celebration. As a gift, the couple will receive 50 processed images and a digital recording.

The solemn event will take place on the territory of the Church of St. Irene.

Additional service

For all detailed information on the cost of ancillary services, rental of wedding paraphernalia, please contact a Nomos Travel representative. Services that are most often ordered:

Calling a stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist, manicure and pedicure master. 
Rental of flower decorations (arch), additional decorations for the table of young people, rental of additional outdoor flower arrangements.

If the young people are not satisfied with the standard venue for the official ceremony, they can look at other venues:

  • Santo Winery (fits up to 30 people).
  • Dana Villas (can be rented for two hours).