Wedding in Santorini (package #1)

The main celebration in a heavenly place in Santorini

Now wedding ceremonies abroad are gaining popularity. The choice of a place is probably the most important thing that can be done when planning it. Holding a wedding ceremony in Santorini will bring an unforgettable experience to your holiday.

Everything here is amazing – from stories about its occurrence to breathtaking seascapes. In 1500 BC, a powerful volcanic eruption occurred, after which the island’s topography was deformed – a collapsed volcanic crater formed a giant caldera, which subsequently filled with water. What was left of the volcano turned into the main island of the archipelago.

The territory of the fabulous, mysterious, romantic island occupies about 76 square kilometers, with the highest point at 567 meters.

Description of Package #1

We are invited to use the “Package No. 1” for wedding ceremonies. Newlyweds should enjoy the rest – a Russian-speaking wedding coordinator, who will conduct a full consultation 1 day before the start of the event, will also be present at the ceremony itself.

You will be taken by luxury transfer to your destination, where the master of ceremonies will be waiting at the specified time. You will be provided with all the necessary wedding paraphernalia:

  • Decorated with seasonal flowers, an oval (about 70 cm long) registration table.
  • Designed for 2-6 persons wedding cake.
  • Champagne, local production.
  • Bouquet for the bride, made in a standard round shape from seasonal flowers and a boutonniere for the groom.

The photographer present will take photos of the entire event (about 1 hour), after which the newlyweds will receive edited commemorative shots (50 photos). The bride will be beautiful by ordering a wedding hairstyle from a stylist-hairdresser. All of the above services are included in the price of package No. 1.

Additional services 

Beauty services

Ordering ancillary services will help make your wedding special, for example:

  • If the bride has her own vision of a wedding hairstyle, it is possible to invite a hair stylist who will make a stylish styling (without coloring). Hair coloring is charged separately. The Russian-speaking master will arrive at the hotel.
  • The makeup artist is able to make the image of the main character romantic. Do not refuse the order of a Russian-speaking master who will make up in the bride’s room.
  • If necessary, manicure and pedicure masters will come.
  • Not enough decorations – order a portable flower arch decorated with seasonal flowers or 2 flower arrangements, which will be additionally installed on the sides of the spouses.
  • Romance will be added by invited musicians.

We do our best to serve guests with Russian-speaking masters.

Location selection

Clients can choose the location of the ceremony, for example:

Site location/name Description
The territory of the Church of St. Irene The territory, the registration table is decorated with white fabrics. The romantic image is complemented by two white lanterns and dwarf olive trees. The organizers may include romantic music. The site is rented for 1 hour.
Dana Villas Rental price is for 2 hours. The ceremony will take place in a gazebo decorated with curtains and white tulle. The registration desk also has a white finish. If necessary, musical accompaniment. If relatives, friends cannot be present, a camera is provided that conducts an online broadcast of the ceremony.
Santo Winery The territory of this place can accommodate from 2 to 30 people. The number of people is negotiated immediately, rent for 1 hour. The newlyweds will have a ceremony under a portable arch with an artificial decoration – a vine. On the registration table there will be a white linen tablecloth, on the sides of it – 4 lanterns in white tones. Dwarf olive trees complete the picture. There is a camera for online broadcasting.

Operator services

Additional order for photo or video shooting (up to 2 hours) by professionals. After the ceremony, you will remember:

  • From 100 edited photos.
  • Edited video clip, which captures the best wedding moments.
  • 20 photographs of the author’s processing.

All photos, video materials are transferred in recorded form on a disk or storage device, if possible.