Ionio Archipelago [Week Yacht Tour]

Ionio Archipelago [Week Yacht Tour]

Choice of: motor or sailing yacht (prices depend on the selected period, type of yacht and additional services).

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Day 1 Zakynthos Island* – Kefalonia Island
Day 2 Kefalonia Island – Lefkada Island
Day 3 Lefkada Island – Antipaxi Island – Paxi Island
Day 4 Paxi Island – Corfu Island
Day 5 Corfu island – Parga
Day 6 Parga – Meganisi Island
Day 7 Meganisi Island – Ithaca Island
Day 8 Ithaca Island – Zakynthos Island

* choice of transfer from Athens airport: car or minivan (3 hours), helicopter (50 min), from Kalamata airport – 1 hour 50 min.

Zakynthos island

An island in the Ionian Sea, one of the Ionian Islands – the third largest. It is located 300 km west of mainland Greece.

Area: 407 km².
Population: 40,759

Lunch at the Porto Mela restaurant (optional).

Kefalonia island

An island in Greece, the largest of the Ionian Islands. Located between the islands of Zakynthos and Lefkada.

Area: 786 km².
Population: 35,801

Lunch at the restaurant “Panormos” (optional).

Lefkada island

Greek island, as well as the peripheral unit and community of the same name (dim) in the Ionian Sea. In the XVIII-XIX centuries, it was also called Ayia-Mavra after the church-fortress of the same name, built by the Crusaders in the XIII century.

Area: 325 km².
Population: 22,652

Lunch at Seaside restaurant (optional).

Antipaxi Island

Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Included in the Ionian Islands. It is located about 3 kilometers south of Paxi Island. Currently, the main occupation of the inhabitants is viticulture. The tourist service sector is also developing.

Area: 4.6 km².
Population: 20 people

Lunch at the restaurant “Bella Vista” (optional).

Paxi Island

Paxi is the smallest of this archipelago. According to mythological legends, the island appeared thanks to Poseidon, who with his trident beat off a piece from Kerkera. It was on him that Amphitrite and Poseidon found their happiness.

Area: 25 km².
Population: 2,253

Lunch at Arriva restaurant (optional).

Corfu island

Paradise island in the Mediterranean. The spring aromas of orange orchards, the marvelous coolness of fertile olive groves, the sophistication of the famous Greek wine promise an amazing vacation against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes at any time of the year.

Area: 585 km².
Population: 102,071

Lunch at the restaurant “Azzurro” (optional).


Parga is an amazing “amphitheater” of Greece. Rich history, interesting local architecture, valuable sights, wonderful beaches, hospitality of the townspeople – everything here is created for a magical pastime.

Area: 27.6 km².
Population: 2088 people

Lunch at the restaurant “Anemoglia” (optional).

Meganisi Island

This is an ideal place for a quiet holiday in complete harmony with the beautiful nature. It hosts unique and colorful settlements where you can enjoy the local culture, delicious food and scenic natural attractions.

Area: 20.1 km².
Population: 1,041

Lunch at the restaurant “Errikos” (optional).

Ithaca Island

Ithaca seems to be specially created for people who need to restore their strength and peace of mind. Peace and quiet, peaceful landscapes, clear sea and pleasant sun. Despite the fact that tourists love this island, there is always a place for solitude.

Area: 95.8 km².
Population: 3231 people

Lunch at the restaurant “Ageri” (optional).