Official wedding in Mykonos

Official wedding ceremony in Mykonos #2
Dream come true on Mykonos

Why go somewhere when you can have an official wedding ceremony at home? Everything is very simple – new impressions, a change of scenery, unforgettable sea views, interesting sights of new places. Give originality to the wedding – invite your close friends, relatives and go to Mykonos!

This Greek island of unimaginable beauty will give an enchanting experience to any holiday. Myknos is trendy, chic, and sought after by world celebrities. Stepping on Greek soil, you will feel close to the world beau monde. You can play the wedding of your dreams in any corner of the cosmopolitan island.

To give originality to the celebration, you can choose:

  • Traditional style. Such a ceremony, filled with romantic notes, will take place in the Cycladic church of your choice, with which the entire small, about 85.5 sq. km, territory of the island is dotted.
  • Romance will add a banquet on a rented yacht, decorated with white candles, on the high seas.
  • Fans of unbridled fun just need to go to one of the famous Mediterranean nightlife – and then you will have a lot of fun all night long.

Choose a place to your liking – we will make sure that the celebration is of the highest level!

Our offer

We know a lot about organizing festive ceremonies. Contacting us is a guarantee of a quality organization. The package of services included in the price is as follows:

  • We will make sure that the application for the wedding ceremony is submitted correctly and within the established time limits.
  • Newlyweds should enjoy each other and vacation in Mykonos – it is up to us to organize the expenses for obtaining a marriage permit, services provided by the mayor and a marriage certificate.
  • It is difficult to imagine a wedding without witnesses, but in case of force majeure, we will provide spare ones.
  • Before the day of the solemn event, you will be visited by a Russian-speaking coordinator who will conduct the necessary consultation. The newlyweds will be able to use his services on the day of the wedding, and the next day he will help in obtaining a certificate, and will also begin the procedure for its legalization.
  • To get to the place where the wedding ceremony will take place, the guests will be on the transfer. Our fleet is equipped with luxurious, executive class cars.
  • Florists will create exclusive decorations for the young. The bride – a classic bouquet, the groom – a boutonniere.
  • An excellent addition will be a festive cake, locally produced champagne. According to Greek traditions, the presence of treats in the form of sweet nuts at the wedding attracts good luck and happiness.
  • Your young guests will scatter rice, rose petals from a beautifully decorated basket.

The procession of indescribable beauty, filled with romance, will remain not only in memory, but also in photographs. The photographer present, after spending 2 hours with you, will hand over 50 commemorative shots (pre-processed) and all footage on digital media.

An excellent continuation will be exciting adventures in a territory filled with many attractions – the island of Mykonos!